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June 15, 2011 - Volume 36 - Issue 14
pp: i-i,1071-1169,E895-E982

Intercellular Signaling Pathways Active During and After Growth and Differentiation of the Lumbar Vertebral Growth Plate

Dahia, Chitra Lekha; Mahoney, Eric J.; Durrani, Atiq A.; More

Spine. 36(14):1071-1080, June 15, 2011.

Dual and Single Memory Rod Construct Comparison in an Animal Study

Newton, Peter O.; Farnsworth, Christine L.; Upasani, Vidyadhar V.; More

Spine. 36(14):E904-E913, June 15, 2011.

The Role of Hyaluronan Produced by Has2 Gene Expression in Development of the Spine

Roughley, Peter J.; Lamplugh, Lisa; Lee, Eunice R.; More

Spine. 36(14):E914-E920, June 15, 2011.

Disc Strain and Resulting Positive mRNA Expression from Application of a Noninvasive Treatment

Desmoulin, Geoffrey T.; Hewitt, Carol R.; Hunter, Christopher J.

Spine. 36(14):E921-E928, June 15, 2011.

Degenerative Marrow (Modic) Changes on Cervical Spine Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans: Prevalence, Inter- and Intra-Examiner Reliability and Link to Disc Herniation

Mann, Eugen; Peterson, Cynthia K.; Hodler, Juerg

Spine. 36(14):1081-1085, June 15, 2011.

Posterior C2 Instrumentation: Accuracy and Complications Associated With Four Techniques

Bransford, Richard J.; Russo, Anthony J.; Freeborn, Mark; More

Spine. 36(14):E936-E943, June 15, 2011.

Maximal Pulmonary Recovery After Spinal Fusion for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: How Do Anterior Approaches Compare?

Verma, Kushagra; Lonner, Baron S.; Kean, Kristin E.; More

Spine. 36(14):1086-1095, June 15, 2011.

Correlation of Preoperative Deformity Magnitude and Pulmonary Function Tests in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Johnston, Charles E.; Richards, B. Stephens; Sucato, Daniel J.; More

Spine. 36(14):1096-1102, June 15, 2011.

Selective Versus Nonselective Fusion for Idiopathic Scoliosis: Does Lumbosacral Takeoff Angle Change?

Abel, Mark F.; Herndon, Stephanie K.; Sauer, Lindsay D.; More

Spine. 36(14):1103-1112, June 15, 2011.

Distal Adding-On Phenomenon in Lenke 1A Scoliosis: Risk Factor Identification and Treatment Strategy Comparison

Wang, Yu; Hansen, Ebbe Stender; Høy, Kristian; More

Spine. 36(14):1113-1122, June 15, 2011.

Short Segment Bone-On-Bone Instrumentation for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Mean Follow-Up of Six Years

Kusakabe, Takashi; Mehta, Jwalant S.; Gaines, Robert W.

Spine. 36(14):1123-1130, June 15, 2011.

Selective Thoracic Fusion in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Factors Influencing the Selection of the Optimal Lowest Instrumented Vertebra

Takahashi, Jun; Newton, Peter O.; Ugrinow, Valerie L.; More

Spine. 36(14):1131-1141, June 15, 2011.

Did the Lenke Classification Change Scoliosis Treatment?

Clements, David H.; Marks, Michelle; Newton, Peter O.; More

Spine. 36(14):1142-1145, June 15, 2011.

Posterior Multilevel Vertebral Osteotomy for Severe and Rigid Idiopathic and Nonidiopathic Kyphoscoliosis: A Further Experience With Minimum Two-Year Follow-Up

Modi, Hitesh N.; Suh, Seung-Woo; Hong, Jae-Young; More

Spine. 36(14):1146-1153, June 15, 2011.

The Scoliosis Research Society Health-Related Quality Of Life (SRS-30) Age–Gender Normative Data: An Analysis of 1346 Adult Subjects Unaffected by Scoliosis

Baldus, Christine; Bridwell, Keith; Harrast, John; More

Spine. 36(14):1154-1162, June 15, 2011.

Influence of Interpersonal Geometrical Variation on Spinal Motion Segment Stiffness: Implications for Patient-Specific Modeling

Meijer, Gerdine J. M.; Homminga, Jasper; Veldhuizen, Albert G.; More

Spine. 36(14):E929-E935, June 15, 2011.

The Effect of Tethered Cord Release on Coronal Spinal Balance in Tight Filum Terminale

Chern, Joshua J.; Dauser, Robert C.; Whitehead, William E.; More

Spine. 36(14):E944-E949, June 15, 2011.

Systematic Review of Anterior Interbody Fusion Techniques for Single- and Double-Level Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

Jacobs, Wilco; Willems, Paul C.; Kruyt, Moyo; More

Spine. 36(14):E950-E960, June 15, 2011.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Post First Lumbar Discectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Rushton, Alison; Wright, Chris; Goodwin, Peter; More

Spine. 36(14):E961-E972, June 15, 2011.

Progressive Vertebral Body Osteolysis After Cervical Disc Arthroplasty

Tumialán, Luis. M.; Gluf, Wayne M.

Spine. 36(14):E973-E978, June 15, 2011.

Symptomatic Idiopathic Noncommunicating Intradural Arachnoid Cyst of the S1 Nerve Root: A Case Report

Peric, Predrag; Antic, Branislav; Radosavljevic, Aleksandar; More

Spine. 36(14):E979-E982, June 15, 2011.