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May 01, 2011 - Volume 36 - Issue 10
pp: i-i,761-836,E623-E686

The Effect of a New Anular Repair After Discectomy in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: An Experimental Study Using a Porcine Spine Model

Chiang, Chang-Jung; Cheng, Cheng-Kung; Sun, Jui-Sheng; More

Spine. 36(10):761-769, May 01, 2011.

In Vitro and in Vivo Testing of a Novel Regulatory System for Gene Therapy for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

Sowa, Gwendolyn; Westrick, Edward; Pacek, Corey; More

Spine. 36(10):E623-E628, May 01, 2011.

Mechanical Function of Vertebral Body Osteophytes, as Revealed by Experiments on Cadaveric Spines

Al-Rawahi, Maimouna; Luo, Jin; Pollintine, Phillip; More

Spine. 36(10):770-777, May 01, 2011.

In Vivo Three-Dimensional Kinematics of the Cervical Spine During Head Rotation in Patients With Cervical Spondylosis

Nagamoto, Yukitaka; Ishii, Takahiro; Sakaura, Hironobu; More

Spine. 36(10):778-783, May 01, 2011.

Lumbar Facet Joint Motion in Patients with Degenerative Disc Disease at Affected and Adjacent Levels: An In Vivo Biomechanical Study

Li, Weishi; Wang, Shaobai; Xia, Qun; More

Spine. 36(10):E629-E637, May 01, 2011.

A Novel Approach to Quantitatively Assess Posttraumatic Cervical Spinal Canal Compromise and Spinal Cord Compression: A Multicenter Responsiveness Study

Furlan, Julio C.; Kailaya-Vasan, Ahilan; Aarabi, Bizhan; More

Spine. 36(10):784-793, May 01, 2011.

Clinical Outcomes and Predictive Factors Relating to Prognosis of Conservative and Surgical Treatments for Cervical Spondylotic Amyotrophy

Inui, Yoshihiro; Miyamoto, Hiroshi; Sumi, Masatoshi; More

Spine. 36(10):794-799, May 01, 2011.

Outcomes Following Nonoperative and Operative Treatment for Cervical Disc Herniations in National Football League Athletes

Hsu, Wellington K.

Spine. 36(10):800-805, May 01, 2011.

Lengthening of Dual Growing Rods and the Law of Diminishing Returns

Sankar, Wudbhav N.; Skaggs, David L.; Yazici, Muharrem; More

Spine. 36(10):806-809, May 01, 2011.

Postural Control Strategies Related to Anticipatory Perturbation and Quick Perturbation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Kuo, Fang-Chuan; Hong, Chang-Zern; Lai, Chung-Liang; More

Spine. 36(10):810-816, May 01, 2011.

Risk-Benefit Assessment of Surgery for Adult Scoliosis: An Analysis Based on Patient Age

Smith, Justin S.; Shaffrey, Christopher I.; Glassman, Steven D.; More

Spine. 36(10):817-824, May 01, 2011.

Prevalence and Predictors of Pain in Surgical Treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Landman, Zachary; Oswald, Timothy; Sanders, James; More

Spine. 36(10):825-829, May 01, 2011.

Surgical Management of Primary Bone Tumors of the Spine: Validation of an Approach to Enhance Cure and Reduce Local Recurrence

Fisher, Charles G.; Saravanja, Davor D.; Dvorak, Marcel F.; More

Spine. 36(10):830-836, May 01, 2011.

Oncosurgical Results of Multilevel Thoracolumbar En-bloc Spondylectomy and Reconstruction with a Carbon Composite Vertebral Body Replacement System

Disch, Alexander Carl; Schaser, Klaus-Dieter; Melcher, Ingo; More

Spine. 36(10):E647-E655, May 01, 2011.

Long-term Results: Adjuvant Radiotherapy in En Bloc Resection of Sacrococcygeal Chordoma is Advisable

Moojen, Wouter A.; Vleggeert-Lankamp, Carmen L. A.; Krol, Augustinus D. G.; More

Spine. 36(10):E656-E661, May 01, 2011.

Low Back Pain in Iran: A Growing Need to Adapt and Implement Evidence-Based Practice in Developing Countries

Mousavi, Sayed Javad; Akbari, Mohammad Esmaeil; Mehdian, Hossein; More

Spine. 36(10):E638-E646, May 01, 2011.

Bilateral Traumatic Dislocation Without Fracture of the Lumbosacral Junction: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Xu, Risheng; Solakoglu, Can; Kretzer, Ryan M.; More

Spine. 36(10):E662-E668, May 01, 2011.

Esophageal Rupture in a Child After Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib Expansion Thoracoplasty: First Report of a Rare Complication

van Vendeloo, Stefan; Olthof, Kees; Timmerman, Jan; More

Spine. 36(10):E669-E672, May 01, 2011.

Lumbosacral Stabilization Using Iliac Wings: A New Surgical Technique

Dalbayrak, Sedat; Yilmaz, Mesut; Kaner, Tuncay; More

Spine. 36(10):E673-E677, May 01, 2011.

Symptomatic Vertebral Artery Compression by the Rod of a C1–C2 Posterior Fusion Construct: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Terterov, Sergei; Taghva, Alexander; Khalessi, Alexander A.; More

Spine. 36(10):E678-E681, May 01, 2011.

Postoperative Cervical Myelopathy and Cord Compression Associated with the Use of Recombinant Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 in Posterior Cervical Decompression, Instrumentation, and Arthrodesis: A Report of Two Cases

Anderson, David W.; Burton, Douglas C.; Jackson, R. Sean

Spine. 36(10):E682-E686, May 01, 2011.