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March 1, 2009 - Volume 34 - Issue 5
pp: i-i,423-532,E162-E201,A11-A13

Selecting Treatment for Patients With Malignant Epidural Spinal Cord Compression—Does Age Matter?: Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial

Chi, John H.; Gokaslan, Ziya; McCormick, Paul; More

Spine. 34(5):431-435, March 1, 2009.

Low Profile Pelvic Fixation: Anatomic Parameters for Sacral Alar-Iliac Fixation Versus Traditional Iliac Fixation

Chang, Tai-Li; Sponseller, Paul D.; Kebaish, Khaled M.; More

Spine. 34(5):436-440, March 1, 2009.

The Effect of Posterior Thoracic Spine Anatomical Structures on Motion Segment Flexion Stiffness

Anderson, Andy L.; McIff, Terence E.; Asher, Marc A.; More

Spine. 34(5):441-446, March 1, 2009.

Lumbar Fusion Leads to Increases in Angular Motion and Stress Across Sacroiliac Joint: A Finite Element Study

Ivanov, Alexander A.; Kiapour, Ali; Ebraheim, Nabil A.; More

Spine. 34(5):E162-E169, March 1, 2009.

The Effect of Angle and Level of Exertion on Trunk Neuromuscular Performance During Multidirectional Isometric Activities

Mousavi, Sayed Javad; Olyaei, Gholam Reza; Talebian, Saeed; More

Spine. 34(5):E170-E177, March 1, 2009.

Postnatal Growth, Differentiation, and Aging of the Mouse Intervertebral Disc

Dahia, Chitra Lekha; Mahoney, Eric J.; Durrani, Atiq A.; More

Spine. 34(5):447-455, March 1, 2009.

Intercellular Signaling Pathways Active During Intervertebral Disc Growth, Differentiation, and Aging

Dahia, Chitra Lekha; Mahoney, Eric J.; Durrani, Atiq A.; More

Spine. 34(5):456-462, March 1, 2009.

Neurophysiological and Histopathological Evaluation of Low-Dose Radiation on the Cauda Equina and Postlaminotomy Fibrosis: An Experimental Study in the Rat

Su, Wei-Ren; Lee, Jung-Shun; Chen, Helen Hai-Wen; More

Spine. 34(5):463-469, March 1, 2009.

Expression of Proteinase-Activated Receptor-2 in the Intervertebral Disc

Iida, Ryu; Akeda, Koji; Kasai, Yuichi; More

Spine. 34(5):470-478, March 1, 2009.

Reduction of Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection Using Gentamicin Microspheres

Stall, Alec C.; Becker, Ed; Ludwig, Steven C.; More

Spine. 34(5):479-483, March 1, 2009.

Expression and Role of Connective Tissue Growth Factor in Painful Disc Fibrosis and Degeneration

Peng, Baogan; Chen, Jindong; Kuang, Zhengda; More

Spine. 34(5):E178-E182, March 1, 2009.

Biomechanics of Halo-Vest and Dens Screw Fixation for Type II Odontoid Fracture

Ivancic, Paul C.; Beauchman, Naseem N.; Mo, Fred; More

Spine. 34(5):484-490, March 1, 2009.

Novel Dual-Rod Screw for Thoracoscopic Anterior Instrumentation: Biomechanical Evaluation Compared With Single-Rod and Double-Screw/Double-Rod Anterior Constructs

Zhang, Hong; Sucato, Daniel J.; Pierce, William A.; More

Spine. 34(5):E183-E188, March 1, 2009.

Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak During Cervical Corpectomy for Ossified Posterior Longitudinal Ligament: Incidence, Management, and Outcome

Joseph, Vivek; Kumar, G Samson Sujit; Rajshekhar, Vedantam

Spine. 34(5):491-494, March 1, 2009.

Lumbar Spine Fusion in Obese and Morbidly Obese Patients

Vaidya, Rahul; Carp, Julia; Bartol, Stephen; More

Spine. 34(5):495-500, March 1, 2009.

Hyponatremia in the Acute Stage After Traumatic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury: Clinical and Neuroanatomic Evidence for Autonomic Dysfunction

Furlan, Julio C.; Fehlings, Michael G.

Spine. 34(5):501-511, March 1, 2009.

Intraoperative Three-Dimensional Correction During Rod Rotation Technique

Lafon, Yoann; Lafage, Virginie; Dubousset, Jean; More

Spine. 34(5):512-519, March 1, 2009.

T2 Relaxation Times of Intervertebral Disc Tissue Correlated With Water Content and Proteoglycan Content

Marinelli, Nicholas L.; Haughton, Victor M.; Muñoz, Alejandro; More

Spine. 34(5):520-524, March 1, 2009.

Opioid Prescriptions in Canadian Workers’ Compensation Claimants: Prescription Trends and Associations Between Early Prescription and Future Recovery

Gross, Douglas P.; Stephens, Brian; Bhambhani, Yagesh; More

Spine. 34(5):525-531, March 1, 2009.

Nocturnal Leg Cramps: A Common Complaint in Patients With Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis

Matsumoto, Morio; Watanabe, Kota; Tsuji, Takashi; More

Spine. 34(5):E189-E194, March 1, 2009.

Unusual Back Pain Caused by Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Associated With Schmorl Node at Th11/12 in a Young Athlete, Successfully Treated by Anterior Interbody Fusion: A Case Report

Fukuta, Shoji; Miyamoto, Kei; Iwata, Atsushi; More

Spine. 34(5):E195-E198, March 1, 2009.

Synovial Cyst of the Thoracic Spine Causing Myelopathy

Merkle, Martin; Psaras, Tsambika; Tatagiba, Marcos; More

Spine. 34(5):E199-E201, March 1, 2009.