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December 15, 2008 - Volume 33 - Issue 26
pp: i-i,2843-2941,E971-E1000,A14-A15

RhBMP-2 Versus Iliac Crest Bone Graft for Lumbar Spine Fusion: A Randomized, Controlled Trial in Patients Over Sixty Years of Age

Glassman, Steven D.; Carreon, Leah Y.; Djurasovic, Mladen; More

Spine. 33(26):2843-2849, December 15, 2008.

The Safety and Efficacy of OP-1 (rhBMP-7) as a Replacement for Iliac Crest Autograft in Posterolateral Lumbar Arthrodesis: A Long-term (>4 Years) Pivotal Study

Vaccaro, Alexander R.; Lawrence, James P.; Patel, Tushar; More

Spine. 33(26):2850-2862, December 15, 2008.

Effects of Clotrimazole on Experimental Spinal Cord Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Rats

Usul, Haydar; Arslan, Erhan; Cansever, Tufan; More

Spine. 33(26):2863-2867, December 15, 2008.

Does Superior-Segment Facet Violation or Laminectomy Destabilize the Adjacent Level in Lumbar Transpedicular Fixation?: An In Vitro Human Cadaveric Assessment

Cardoso, Mario J.; Dmitriev, Anton E.; Helgeson, Melvin; More

Spine. 33(26):2868-2873, December 15, 2008.

Can Experimental Data in Humans Verify the Finite Element-Based Bone Remodeling Algorithm?

Wong, Christian; Gehrchen, P Martin; Kiaer, Thomas

Spine. 33(26):2875-2880, December 15, 2008.

Nonoperative Management of Type II Odontoid Fractures in the Elderly

Koech, Florentius; Ackland, Helen M.; Varma, Dinesh K.; More

Spine. 33(26):2881-2886, December 15, 2008.

Perioperative Complications of Combined Anterior and Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion Crossing the Cervico-Thoracic Junction

Hart, Robert A.; Tatsumi, Robert L.; Hiratzka, Jayme R.; More

Spine. 33(26):2887-2891, December 15, 2008.

The Repercussions of Spinal Cord Injury on the Action of the Diaphragmatic Crura for Gastroesophageal Reflux Containment

Silva, Cleuza B.; Martinez, Júlio C.; Yanagita, Edison T.; More

Spine. 33(26):2892-2897, December 15, 2008.

The Pathogenesis of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Review of the Literature

Kouwenhoven, Jan-Willem M.; Castelein, René M.

Spine. 33(26):2898-2908, December 15, 2008.

Disc Changes in the Bridged and Adjacent Segments After Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System After Two Years

Kumar, Abhishek; Beastall, James; Hughes, Justin; More

Spine. 33(26):2909-2914, December 15, 2008.

Effect of Age on the Perioperative and Radiographic Complications of Multilevel Cervicothoracic Spinal Fusions

Cloyd, Jordan M.; Acosta, Frank L. Jr; Ames, Christopher P.

Spine. 33(26):E977-E982, December 15, 2008.

Changes in Lumbar Muscle Activity Because of Induced Muscle Pain Evaluated by Muscle Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Dickx, Nele; Cagnie, Barbara; Achten, Erik; More

Spine. 33(26):E983-E989, December 15, 2008.

Surgeon Practices Regarding Postoperative Thromboembolic Prophylaxis After High-Risk Spinal Surgery

Glotzbecker, Michael P.; Bono, Christopher M.; Harris, Mitchel B.; More

Spine. 33(26):2915-2921, December 15, 2008.

After an Episode of Acute Low Back Pain, Recurrence Is Unpredictable and Not as Common as Previously Thought

Stanton, Tasha R.; Henschke, Nicholas; Maher, Chris G.; More

Spine. 33(26):2923-2928, December 15, 2008.

CyberKnife Radiosurgery for Malignant Spinal Tumors: Characterization of Well-Suited Patients

Wowra, Berndt; Zausinger, Stefan; Drexler, Christian; More

Spine. 33(26):2929-2934, December 15, 2008.

Long-term Intravenous Administration of Antibiotics for Lumbar Spinal Surgery Prolongs the Duration of Hospital Stay and Time to Normalize Body Temperature After Surgery

Ohtori, Seiji; Inoue, Gen; Koshi, Takana; More

Spine. 33(26):2935-2937, December 15, 2008.

Face Tissue Pressure in Prone Positioning: A Comparison of Three Face Pillows While in the Prone Position for Spinal Surgery

Grisell, Margaret; Place, Howard M.

Spine. 33(26):2938-2941, December 15, 2008.

Significance of Propionibacterium acnes-Positive Samples in Spinal Instrumentation

Bémer, Pascale; Corvec, S; Tariel, S; More

Spine. 33(26):E971-E976, December 15, 2008.

A New Concept for Making Decisions Regarding the Surgical Approach for Cervical Ossification of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament: The K-Line

Fujiyoshi, Takayuki; Yamazaki, Masashi; Kawabe, Junko; More

Spine. 33(26):E990-E993, December 15, 2008.

Evaluation of Reliability of Post-Tetanic Motor-Evoked Potential Monitoring During Spinal Surgery Under General Anesthesia

Hayashi, Hironobu; Kawaguchi, Masahiko; Yamamoto, Yuri; More

Spine. 33(26):E994-E1000, December 15, 2008.