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April 20, 2008 - Volume 33 - Issue 9
pp: i-i,931-1050,E274-E296

Full-Endoscopic Interlaminar and Transforaminal Lumbar Discectomy Versus Conventional Microsurgical Technique: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Study

Ruetten, Sebastian; Komp, Martin; Merk, Harry; More

Spine. 33(9):931-939, April 20, 2008.

Full-Endoscopic Cervical Posterior Foraminotomy for the Operation of Lateral Disc Herniations Using 5.9-mm Endoscopes: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Study

Ruetten, Sebastian; Komp, Martin; Merk, Harry; More

Spine. 33(9):940-948, April 20, 2008.

Reproducible Long-term Disc Degeneration in a Large Animal Model

Hoogendoorn, Roel J. W.; Helder, Marco N.; Kroeze, Robert Jan; More

Spine. 33(9):949-954, April 20, 2008.

Static Electromagnetic Fields Generated by Corrosion Currents Inhibit Human Osteoblast Differentiation

Denaro, Vincenzo; Cittadini, Achille; Barnaba, Simona A.; More

Spine. 33(9):955-959, April 20, 2008.

Salvage of C2 Pedicle and Pars Screws Using the Intralaminar Technique: A Biomechanical Analysis

Lehman, Ronald A. Jr; Dmitriev, Anton E.; Helgeson, Melvin D.; More

Spine. 33(9):960-965, April 20, 2008.

Beliefs About the Causes and Consequences of Pain in Patients With Chronic Inflammatory or Noninflammatory Low Back Pain and in Pain-Free Individuals

Sloan, Tim John; Gupta, Rajiva; Zhang, Weiya; More

Spine. 33(9):966-972, April 20, 2008.

Endoscopic Transforaminal Discectomy for Recurrent Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Prospective, Cohort Evaluation of 262 Consecutive Cases

Hoogland, Thomas; van den Brekel-Dijkstra, Karolien; Schubert, Michael; More

Spine. 33(9):973-978, April 20, 2008.

Posterior Only Pedicle Screw Instrumentation With Intraoperative Halo-Femoral Traction in the Surgical Treatment of Severe Scoliosis (>100°)

Hamzaoglu, Azmi; Ozturk, Cagatay; Aydogan, Mehmet; More

Spine. 33(9):979-983, April 20, 2008.

Dual Growing Rod Technique Followed for Three to Eleven Years Until Final Fusion: The Effect of Frequency of Lengthening

Akbarnia, Behrooz A.; Breakwell, Lee M.; Marks, David S.; More

Spine. 33(9):984-990, April 20, 2008.

Reliability of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Readings for Lumbar Disc Herniation in the Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT)

Lurie, Jon D.; Tosteson, Anna N. A.; Tosteson, Tor D.; More

Spine. 33(9):991-998, April 20, 2008.

The Use of Fulcrum Bending Radiographs in Anterior Thoracic Scoliosis Correction: A Consecutive Series of 90 Patients

Hay, Douglas; Izatt, Maree T.; Adam, Clayton J.; More

Spine. 33(9):999-1005, April 20, 2008.

Traumatic Thoracic and Lumbar Spinal Fractures: Operative or Nonoperative Treatment: Comparison of Two Treatment Strategies by Means of Surgeon Equipoise

Stadhouder, Agnita; Buskens, Erik; de Klerk, Luuk W.; More

Spine. 33(9):1006-1017, April 20, 2008.

The Neck Pain and Disability Scale: Cross-Cultural Adaptation Into German and Evaluation of Its Psychometric Properties in Chronic Neck Pain and C1–2 Fusion Patients

Bremerich, Friedrich H.; Grob, Dieter; Dvorak, Jiri; More

Spine. 33(9):1018-1027, April 20, 2008.

Psychometric Testing Confirms That the Brazilian-Portuguese Adaptations, the Original Versions of the Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire, and the Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia Have Similar Measurement Properties

de Souza, Fabricio Soares; da Silva Marinho, Cristiano; Siqueira, Fabiano Botelho; More

Spine. 33(9):1028-1033, April 20, 2008.

Surgical Results and Related Factors for Ossification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament of the Thoracic Spine: A Multi-Institutional Retrospective Study

Matsumoto, Morio; Chiba, Kazuhiro; Toyama, Yoshiaki; More

Spine. 33(9):1034-1041, April 20, 2008.

The Feasibility of Microscope-Assisted “Free-Hand” C1 Lateral Mass Screw Insertion Without Fluoroscopy

Liu, Gabriel; Buchowski, Jacob M.; Shen, Hongxing; More

Spine. 33(9):1042-1049, April 20, 2008.

Implications of Lumbar Plexus Anatomy for Removal of Total Disc Replacements Through a Posterior Approach

Bumpass, David B.; Keller, Thomas C.; Robinson, Elliot P.; More

Spine. 33(9):E274-E278, April 20, 2008.

Brown-Sèquard Syndrome Produced by C3–C4 Cervical Disc Herniation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Sayer, Faisal T.; Vitali, Aleksander M.; Low, Hu Liang; More

Spine. 33(9):E279-E282, April 20, 2008.

The Paracondylar Process: An Unusual and Treatable Cause of Posttraumatic Headache

de Graauw, Nienke; Carpay, Hans A.; Slooff, Willem-Bart M.

Spine. 33(9):E283-E286, April 20, 2008.

Computer-Assisted Surgical Planning and Image-Guided Surgical Navigation in Refractory Adult Scoliosis Surgery: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Metz, Lionel N.; Burch, Shane

Spine. 33(9):E287-E292, April 20, 2008.

Two Cases of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Epidural Abscesses and Cervical Osteomyelitis After Dental Extractions

Walters, Heather L.; Measley, Robert

Spine. 33(9):E293-E296, April 20, 2008.