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September 15, 2007 - Volume 32 - Issue 20
pp: i-i,2153-2283,E569-E597,A12-A13

2007 Scoliosis Research Society European Traveling Fellowship: Report to the Education Committee

Mummaneni, Praveen V.; Kim, Yongjung J.; Ouellet, Jean A.; More

Spine. 32(20):2166-2170, September 15, 2007.

The Effect of Mid-Thoracic VEPTR Opening Wedge Thoracostomy on Cervical Tilt Associated With Congenital Thoracic Scoliosis in Patients With Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome

Campbell, Robert M. Jr; Adcox, Brent M.; Smith, Melvin D.; More

Spine. 32(20):2171-2177, September 15, 2007.

The Safety Zone of Percutaneous Cervical Approach: A Dynamic Computed Tomographic Study

Lee, Sang-Hun; Kim, Ki-Tack; Jeong, Bi-O; More

Spine. 32(20):E569-E574, September 15, 2007.

Multilevel Cervical Oblique Corpectomy in the Treatment of Ossified Posterior Longitudinal Ligament in the Presence of Ossified Anterior Longitudinal Ligament

Chacko, Ari G.; Daniel, Roy T.

Spine. 32(20):E575-E580, September 15, 2007.

Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Versus Posterolateral Fusion in Adult Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

Ekman, Per; Möller, Hans; Tullberg, Tycho; More

Spine. 32(20):2178-2183, September 15, 2007.

Clinical and Radiographic Results After Implant Removal in Idiopathic Scoliosis

Rathjen, Karl; Wood, Megan; McClung, Anna; More

Spine. 32(20):2184-2188, September 15, 2007.

Results of Lumbar Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomies for Fixed Sagittal Imbalance: A Minimum 5-Year Follow-up Study

Kim, Yongjung J.; Bridwell, Keith H.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; More

Spine. 32(20):2189-2197, September 15, 2007.

A Prospective Study of Brace Treatment Versus Observation Alone in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Follow-up Mean of 16 Years After Maturity

Danielsson, Aina J.; Hasserius, Ralph; Ohlin, Acke; More

Spine. 32(20):2198-2207, September 15, 2007.

Classification of High-Grade Spondylolistheses Based on Pelvic Version and Spine Balance: Possible Rationale for Reduction

Hresko, Michael T.; Labelle, Hubert; Roussouly, Pierre; More

Spine. 32(20):2208-2213, September 15, 2007.

Diabetes and Early Postoperative Outcomes Following Lumbar Fusion

Browne, James A.; Cook, Chad; Pietrobon, Ricardo; More

Spine. 32(20):2214-2219, September 15, 2007.

Is the SRS-22 Instrument Responsive to Change in Adult Scoliosis Patients Having Primary Spinal Deformity Surgery?

Bridwell, Keith H.; Berven, Sigurd; Glassman, Steven; More

Spine. 32(20):2220-2225, September 15, 2007.

The Relationship Between Thoracic Hyperkyphosis and the Scoliosis Research Society Outcomes Instrument

Petcharaporn, Maty; Pawelek, Jeff; Bastrom, Tracey; More

Spine. 32(20):2226-2231, September 15, 2007.

Complications in Posterior Fusion and Instrumentation for Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis

Cho, Kyu-Jung; Suk, Se-Il; Park, Seung-Rim; More

Spine. 32(20):2232-2237, September 15, 2007.

Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: Complications and Outcomes in Patients Over Age 60

Daubs, Michael D.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; Cheh, Gene; More

Spine. 32(20):2238-2244, September 15, 2007.

Neurologic Complications of Lumbar Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: A 10-Year Assessment

Buchowski, Jacob M.; Bridwell, Keith H.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; More

Spine. 32(20):2245-2252, September 15, 2007.

Adjacent Segment Disease FollowingLumbar/Thoracolumbar Fusion With Pedicle Screw Instrumentation: A Minimum 5-Year Follow-up

Cheh, Gene; Bridwell, Keith H.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; More

Spine. 32(20):2253-2257, September 15, 2007.

Surgical Revision Rates of Hooks Versus Hybrid Versus Screws Versus Combined Anteroposterior Spinal Fusion for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Kuklo, Timothy R.; Potter, Benjamin K.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; More

Spine. 32(20):2258-2264, September 15, 2007.

Aprotinin May Decrease Blood Loss in Complex Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery, But It May Also Increase the Risk of Acute Renal Failure

Okubadejo, Gbolahan O.; Bridwell, Keith H.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; More

Spine. 32(20):2265-2271, September 15, 2007.

Risk Factors for the Development of Delayed Infections Following Posterior Spinal Fusion and Instrumentation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Patients

Ho, Christine; Sucato, Daniel J.; Richards, B Stephens

Spine. 32(20):2272-2277, September 15, 2007.

Tranexamic Acid Diminishes Intraoperative Blood Loss and Transfusion in Spinal Fusions for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Scoliosis

Shapiro, Frederic; Zurakowski, David; Sethna, Navil F.

Spine. 32(20):2278-2283, September 15, 2007.

Mini-Thoracotomy or Thoracoscopic Treatment for Medially Located Thoracic Herniated Disc?

Bartels, Ronald H.M.A.; Peul, Wilco C.

Spine. 32(20):E581-E584, September 15, 2007.

Multiple Extradural Arachnoid Cysts: Report of Two Operated Cousin Cases

Yabuki, Shoji; Kikuchi, Shin-ichi

Spine. 32(20):E585-E588, September 15, 2007.

Delayed Presentation of Pulmonary Polymethylmethacrylate Emboli After Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

Abdul-Jalil, Youssef; Bartels, Joerg; Alberti, Olaf; More

Spine. 32(20):E589-E593, September 15, 2007.

Diffuse Spine Involvement in Sarcoidosis With Sternal Lytic Lesions: Two Case Reports

Clarençon, Frédéric; Silbermann-Hoffman, Olivia; Lebreton, Caroline; More

Spine. 32(20):E594-E597, September 15, 2007.