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July 1, 2007 - Volume 32 - Issue 15
pp: i-i,1575-1698,E397-E435,A16-A17

Does Shaving the Incision Site Increase the Infection Rate After Spinal Surgery?

Çelik, Suat E.; Kara, Ayhan

Spine. 32(15):1575-1577, July 1, 2007.

Active Exercise, Education, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Persistent Disabling Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Johnson, Ruth E.; Jones, Gareth T.; Wiles, Nicola J.; More

Spine. 32(15):1578-1585, July 1, 2007.

Antidegenerative Effects of Partial Disc Replacement in an Animal Surgery Model

So, Kazutaka; Takemoto, Mitsuru; Fujibayashi, Shunsuke; More

Spine. 32(15):1586-1591, July 1, 2007.

Involvement of EphB1 Receptor/EphrinB2 Ligand in Neuropathic Pain

Kobayashi, Hideo; Kitamura, Takuya; Sekiguchi, Miho; More

Spine. 32(15):1592-1598, July 1, 2007.

Regional Changes in Spine Posture at Lift Onset With Changes in Lift Distance and Lift Style

Gill, K Peter; Bennett, Simon J.; Savelsbergh, Geert J. P.; More

Spine. 32(15):1599-1604, July 1, 2007.

The Effect of Trunk-Flexed Postures on Balance and Metabolic Energy Expenditure During Standing

Saha, Devjani; Gard, Steven; Fatone, Stefania; More

Spine. 32(15):1605-1611, July 1, 2007.

Strength of the Cervical Spine in Compression and Bending

Przybyla, Andrzej S.; Skrzypiec, Daniel; Pollintine, Phillip; More

Spine. 32(15):1612-1620, July 1, 2007.

Prognostic Factors for Neuroreflexotherapy in the Treatment of Subacute and Chronic Neck and Back Pain: A Study of Predictors of Clinical Outcome in Routine Practice of the Spanish National Health Service

Kovacs, Francisco; Abraira, Víctor; Muriel, Alfonso; More

Spine. 32(15):1621-1628, July 1, 2007.

Craniovertebral Tuberculosis: A Retrospective Review of 13 Cases Managed Conservatively

Chadha, Manish; Agarwal, Anil; Singh, Arun Pal

Spine. 32(15):1629-1634, July 1, 2007.

Efficacy and Safety of Percutaneous Sacroplasty for Painful Osteoporotic Sacral Insufficiency Fractures: A Prospective, Multicenter Trial

Frey, Michael E.; DePalma, Michael J.; Cifu, David X.; More

Spine. 32(15):1635-1640, July 1, 2007.

Spinal Pseudarthrosis in Advanced Ankylosing Spondylitis With Sagittal Plane Deformity: Clinical Characteristics and Outcome Analysis

Kim, Ki-Tack; Lee, Sang-Hun; Suk, Kyung-Soo; More

Spine. 32(15):1641-1647, July 1, 2007.

Histologic, Risser Sign, and Digital Skeletal Age Evaluation for Residual Spine Growth Potential in Chinese Female Idiopathic Scoliosis

Wang, Shoufeng; Qiu, Yong; Ma, Zhaolong; More

Spine. 32(15):1648-1654, July 1, 2007.

Complications of Thoracic Pedicle Screws in Scoliosis Treatment

Di Silvestre, Mario; Parisini, Patrizio; Lolli, Francesco; More

Spine. 32(15):1655-1661, July 1, 2007.

Reliability of a Functional Classification System in the Monitoring of Patients With Idiopathic Scoliosis

Klos, Stephen S.; Liu, Xue-Cheng; Lyon, Roger M.; More

Spine. 32(15):1662-1666, July 1, 2007.

A Detailed Morphologic and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of the Craniocervical Junction in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Chu, Winnie C. W.; Man, Gene C. W.; Lam, Wynnie W. M.; More

Spine. 32(15):1667-1674, July 1, 2007.

MR T2 Image Classification in Cervical Compression Myelopathy: Predictor of Surgical Outcomes

Yukawa, Yasutsugu; Kato, Fumihiko; Yoshihara, Hisatake; More

Spine. 32(15):1675-1678, July 1, 2007.

Variations of the Position of the Cerebellar Tonsil in Idiopathic Scoliotic Adolescents With a Cobb Angle >40°: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Sun, Xu; Qiu, Yong; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 32(15):1680-1686, July 1, 2007.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Assessment of Trunk Muscles During Prolonged Bed Rest

Hides, Julie A.; Belavý, Daniel L.; Stanton, Warren; More

Spine. 32(15):1687-1692, July 1, 2007.

Quantification of Intervertebral Disc Volume Properties Below Spine Fusion, Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery

Violas, Philippe; Estivalezes, Erik; Briot, Jérome; More

Spine. 32(15):E405-E412, July 1, 2007.

The Efficacy of rhBMP-2 for Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion in Smokers

Glassman, Steven D.; Dimar, John R. III; Burkus, Kenneth; More

Spine. 32(15):1693-1698, July 1, 2007.

Sacral Orientation Revisited

Peleg, Smadar; Dar, Gali; Steinberg, Nili; More

Spine. 32(15):E397-E404, July 1, 2007.

Surgical Results of Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression Secondary to Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Chen, Yen-Jen; Chang, Gee-Chen; Chen, Hsien-Te; More

Spine. 32(15):E413-E418, July 1, 2007.

The Influence of Endplate-to-Endplate Cement Augmentation on Vertebral Strength and Stiffness in Vertebroplasty

Steens, Jeroen; Verdonschot, Nico; Aalsma, Arthur M. M.; More

Spine. 32(15):E419-E422, July 1, 2007.

Successful Nonoperative Treatment of a Three-Column Thoracic Fracture in a Patient With Ankylosing Spondylitis: Existence and Clinical Significance of the Fourth Column of the Spine

Shen, Francis H.; Samartzis, Dino

Spine. 32(15):E423-E427, July 1, 2007.

Esophageal Perforation With a Locking Screw: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Nourbakhsh, Ali; Garges, Kim J.

Spine. 32(15):E428-E435, July 1, 2007.