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June 1, 2007 - Volume 32 - Issue 13
pp: i-i,1369-1471,E363-E375,A16-A16

Foraminal Stenosis and Single-Level Degenerative Disc Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Decompression With Decompression and Instrumented Fusion

Hallett, Alison; Huntley, James S.; Gibson, J N. Alastair

Spine. 32(13):1375-1380, June 1, 2007.

Regulation of Transgene Expression Using an Inducible System for Improved Safety of Intervertebral Disc Gene Therapy

Vadalà, Gianluca; Sowa, Gwendolyn A.; Smith, Lauren; More

Spine. 32(13):1381-1387, June 1, 2007.

Safety of Epidural Administration of Osteogenic Protein-1 (OP-1/BMP-7): Behavioral and Macroscopic Observation

Kawakami, Mamoru; Hashizume, Hiroshi; Matsumoto, Takuji; More

Spine. 32(13):1388-1393, June 1, 2007.

In Vivo Measurements of Lumbar Segmental Motion During Axial Rotation in Asymptomatic and Chronic Low Back Pain Male Subjects

Ochia, Ruth S.; Inoue, Nozomu; Takatori, Ryota; More

Spine. 32(13):1394-1399, June 1, 2007.

Biomechanical In Vitro Testing of Human Osteoporotic Lumbar Vertebrae Following Prophylactic Kyphoplasty With Different Candidate Materials

Rotter, Robert; Pflugmacher, Robert; Kandziora, Frank; More

Spine. 32(13):1400-1405, June 1, 2007.

Biomechanical Comparison of C1–C2 Posterior Arthrodesis Techniques

Papagelopoulos, Panayiotis J.; Currier, Bradford L.; Hokari, Yukitaka; More

Spine. 32(13):E363-E370, June 1, 2007.

The Effects of Anthropometrics, Lifting Strength, and Physical Activities in Disc Degeneration

Videman, Tapio; Levälahti, Esko; Battié, Michele C.

Spine. 32(13):1406-1413, June 1, 2007.

Outcome Evaluation of Surgical and Nonsurgical Management of Lumbar Disc Protrusion Causing Radiculopathy

Thomas, Kenneth C.; Fisher, Charles G.; Boyd, Michael; More

Spine. 32(13):1414-1422, June 1, 2007.

The Relationship Between the Cross-sectional Area of the Cauda Equina and the Preoperative Symptoms in Central Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Ogikubo, Osamu; Forsberg, Lillemor; Hansson, Tommy

Spine. 32(13):1423-1428, June 1, 2007.

Pelvic Girdle Pain and Lumbar Pain in Relation to Postpartum Depressive Symptoms

Gutke, Annelie; Josefsson, Ann; Öberg, Birgitta

Spine. 32(13):1430-1436, June 1, 2007.

Pelvic Trauma With Displaced Sacral Fractures: Functional Outcome at One Year

Tötterman, Anna; Glott, Thomas; Søberg, Helene Lundgaard; More

Spine. 32(13):1437-1443, June 1, 2007.

Variation in Care Among Spinal Deformity Surgeons: Results of a Survey of the Shriners Hospitals for Children

Sanders, James O.; Haynes, Richard; Lighter, Don; More

Spine. 32(13):1444-1449, June 1, 2007.

Imaging Assessment of Lumbar Pedicle Screw Placement: Sensitivity and Specificity of Plain Radiographs and Computer Axial Tomography

Brooks, Dahari; Eskander, Mark; Balsis, Steve; More

Spine. 32(13):1450-1453, June 1, 2007.

Back Muscle Response to Sudden Trunk Loading Can Be Modified by Training Among Healthcare Workers

Pedersen, Mogens Theisen; Essendrop, Morten; Skotte, Jørgen H.; More

Spine. 32(13):1454-1460, June 1, 2007.

Translation, Adaptation, and Validation of the Moroccan Version of the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire

Mâaroufi, Houda; Benbouazza, Karima; Faïk, Afaf; More

Spine. 32(13):1461-1465, June 1, 2007.

Lumbar Fusion With and Without Pedicle Screw Fixation: Comments on a Prospective, Randomized Study

Angevine, Peter D.; Dickman, Curtis A.; McCormick, Paul C.

Spine. 32(13):1466-1471, June 1, 2007.

Short-term Comparison of Cervical Fusion With Static and Dynamic Plating Using Computerized Motion Analysis

Goldberg, Grigory; Albert, Todd J.; Vaccaro, Alexander R.; More

Spine. 32(13):E371-E375, June 1, 2007.