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November 15, 2006 - Volume 31 - Issue 24
pp: A18-A14,2759-2873,E890-E928

The Treatment of Disc Herniation-Induced Sciatica With Infliximab: One-Year Follow-up Results of FIRST II, a Randomized Controlled Trial

Korhonen, Timo; Karppinen, Jaro; Paimela, Leena; More

Spine. 31(24):2759-2766, November 15, 2006.

Transforaminal Posterolateral Endoscopic Discectomy With or Without the Combination of a Low-Dose Chymopapain: A Prospective Randomized Study in 280 Consecutive Cases

Hoogland, Thomas; Schubert, Michael; Miklitz, Boris; More

Spine. 31(24):E890-E897, November 15, 2006.

Anatomic Considerations for the Placement of C2 Laminar Screws

Cassinelli, Ezequiel H.; Lee, Michael; Skalak, Anthony; More

Spine. 31(24):2767-2771, November 15, 2006.

High Rate of Fusion in Sheep Cervical Spines Following Anterior Interbody Surgery With Absorbable and Nonabsorbable Implant Devices

Slivka, Michael A.; Spenciner, David B.; Seim, Howard B. III; More

Spine. 31(24):2772-2777, November 15, 2006.

B1 and TRPV-1 Receptor Genes and Their Relationship to Hyperalgesia Following Spinal Cord Injury

DomBourian, Melkon G.; Turner, Nicholas A.; Gerovac, Tiffany A.; More

Spine. 31(24):2778-2782, November 15, 2006.

Anisotropic Ion Diffusivity in Intervertebral Disc: An Electrical Conductivity Approach

Jackson, Alicia; Yao, Hai; Brown, Mark D.; More

Spine. 31(24):2783-2789, November 15, 2006.

Biomechanical Evaluation of a New Total Posterior-Element Replacement System

Wilke, Hans-Joachim; Schmidt, Hendrik; Werner, Karin; More

Spine. 31(24):2790-2796, November 15, 2006.

A Kinematic Model to Assess Spinal Motion During Walking

Konz, Regina J.; Fatone, Stefania; Stine, Rebecca L.; More

Spine. 31(24):E898-E906, November 15, 2006.

The Feasibility of Inserting Atlas Lateral Mass Screws via the Posterior Arch

Lee, Michael J.; Cassinelli, Ezequiel; Riew, K Daniel

Spine. 31(24):2798-2801, November 15, 2006.

Heterotopic Ossification in Total Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement

Mehren, Christoph; Suchomel, Petr; Grochulla, Frank; More

Spine. 31(24):2802-2806, November 15, 2006.

How Does the Ossification Area of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament Progress After Cervical Laminoplasty?

Hori, Takeshi; Kawaguchi, Yoshiharu; Kimura, Tomoatsu

Spine. 31(24):2807-2812, November 15, 2006.

Increased Swelling Complications Associated With Off-Label Usage of rhBMP-2 in the Anterior Cervical Spine

Smucker, Joseph D.; Rhee, John M.; Singh, Kern; More

Spine. 31(24):2813-2819, November 15, 2006.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Assessment of Craniovertebral Ligaments and Membranes After Whiplash Trauma

Krakenes, Jostein; Kaale, Bertel R.

Spine. 31(24):2820-2826, November 15, 2006.

Use of Computed Tomography to Predict Failure of Nonoperative Treatment of Unilateral Facet Fractures of the Cervical Spine

Spector, Leo R.; Kim, David H.; Affonso, Jesse; More

Spine. 31(24):2827-2835, November 15, 2006.

The Effect of Lumbar Flexion and Extension on Disc Contour Abnormality Measured Quantitatively on Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Parent, Eric C.; Videman, Tapio; Battié, Michele C.

Spine. 31(24):2836-2842, November 15, 2006.

Prevalence and Distribution of Spinal Osteoarthritis in Women

Kramer, Patricia Ann

Spine. 31(24):2843-2848, November 15, 2006.

Computed Tomography Evaluation of Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis in Asymptomatic Patients

Belfi, Lily M.; Ortiz, A Orlando; Katz, Douglas S.

Spine. 31(24):E907-E910, November 15, 2006.

Electromagnetic Topographical Technique of Curve Evaluation for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Knott, Patrick; Mardjetko, Steven; Nance, Dorinda; More

Spine. 31(24):E911-E915, November 15, 2006.

Impact of Surgical Intervention on Quality of Life in Patients With Spinal Metastases

Falicov, Alexis; Fisher, Charles G.; Sparkes, Joe; More

Spine. 31(24):2849-2856, November 15, 2006.

Patient Preferences Regarding Spine Surgical Decision Making

Weiner, Bradley K.; Essis, Frank M.

Spine. 31(24):2857-2860, November 15, 2006.

Prediction of Spinal Canal Expansion Following Cervical Laminoplasty: A Computer-Simulated Comparison Between Single and Double-Door Techniques

Wang, Xiang-Yang; Dai, Li-Yang; Xu, Hua-Zi; More

Spine. 31(24):2863-2870, November 15, 2006.

A Cemented Caval Vein Filter: Case Report

Herbstreit, Frank; Kühl, Hilmar; Peters, Jürgen

Spine. 31(24):E917-E919, November 15, 2006.

Spinal Cord Compression in a Patient With Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Caused by Breast Adenocarcinoma Metastatic to Osteochondromas of the Spine: Case Report

Pandya, Nirav K.; Auerbach, Joshua D.; Baldwin, Keith; More

Spine. 31(24):E920-E924, November 15, 2006.

Transoral Vertebroplasty for Renal Cell Metastasis Involving the Axis: Case Report

Sachs, Donald C.; Inamasu, Joji; Mendel, Ehud E.; More

Spine. 31(24):E925-E928, November 15, 2006.