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January 15, 2006 - Volume 31 - Issue 2
pp: i-i,121-255,E35-E61,A12-A13

Allograft Versus No Graft With a Posterior Multisegmented Hook System for the Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis

Betz, Randal R.; Petrizzo, Anthony M.; Kerner, Paul J.; More

Spine. 31(2):121-127, January 15, 2006.

Applied Anatomy of Transoral Atlantoaxial Reduction Plate Internal Fixation

Ai, FuZhi; Yin, QingShui; Wang, ZhiYun; More

Spine. 31(2):128-132, January 15, 2006.

Unilateral Enucleation Affects the Laterality but Not the Incidence of Scoliosis in Pinealectomized Chicken

Turhan, Egemen; Acaroglu, Emre; Bozkurt, Gökhan; More

Spine. 31(2):133-138, January 15, 2006.

Intradiscal Thermal Therapy Does Not Stimulate Biologic Remodeling in an In Vivo Sheep Model

Bass, Elisa C.; Nau, William H.; Diederich, Chris J.; More

Spine. 31(2):139-145, January 15, 2006.

Auditory Startle Alters the Response of Human Subjects Exposed to a Single Whiplash-like Perturbation

Blouin, Jean-Sébastien; Inglis, J Timothy; Siegmund, Gunter P.

Spine. 31(2):146-154, January 15, 2006.

Kinematics of the Cervical Spine in Lateral Bending: In Vivo Three-Dimensional Analysis

Ishii, Takahiro; Mukai, Yoshihiro; Hosono, Noboru; More

Spine. 31(2):155-160, January 15, 2006.

Mechanical Stiffness of Segmental Versus Nonsegmental Pedicle Screw Constructs: The Effect of Cross-Links

Hart, Robert; Hettwer, Werner; Liu, Qi; More

Spine. 31(2):E35-E38, January 15, 2006.

The Radiographic Results and Neurologic Complications of Instrumented Reduction and Fusion of High-Grade Spondylolisthesis Without Decompression of the Neural Elements: A Retrospective Review of 44 Patients

Sailhan, Frederic; Gollogly, Sohrab; Roussouly, Pierre

Spine. 31(2):161-169, January 15, 2006.

Point of View

Radiographic Assessment of Segmental Motion at the Atlantoaxial Junction in the Klippel-Feil Patient

Shen, Francis H.; Samartzis, Dino; Herman, Jean; More

Spine. 31(2):171-177, January 15, 2006.

Radiographic Analysis of Intervertebral Separation With a 0° and 30° Rope Angle Using the Saunders Cervical Traction Device

Vaughn, H Todd; Having, Karen M.; Rogers, Janet L.

Spine. 31(2):E39-E43, January 15, 2006.

Primary and Coupled Cervical Movements: The Effect of Age, Gender, and Body Mass Index. A 3-Dimensional Movement Analysis of a Population Without Symptoms of Neck Disorders

Malmström, Eva-Maj; Karlberg, Mikael; Fransson, Per Anders; More

Spine. 31(2):E44-E50, January 15, 2006.

Head Repositioning Accuracy in Patients With Whiplash-Associated Disorders

Feipel, Veronique; Salvia, Patrick; Klein, Helene; More

Spine. 31(2):E51-E58, January 15, 2006.

A Prospective Study of De Novo Scoliosis in a Community Based Cohort

Kobayashi, Tetsuya; Atsuta, Yuji; Takemitsu, Masakazu; More

Spine. 31(2):178-182, January 15, 2006.

Regional Differences in Anatomical Landmarks for Placing Anterior Instrumentation of the Thoracic Spine in Both Normal Patients and Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Zhang, Hong; Sucato, Daniel J.

Spine. 31(2):183-189, January 15, 2006.

Posterolateral, Anterior, or Circumferential Fusion In Situ for High-Grade Spondylolisthesis in Young Patients: A Long-Term Evaluation Using The Scoliosis Research Society Questionnaire

Helenius, Ilkka; Lamberg, Tommi; Österman, Kalevi; More

Spine. 31(2):190-196, January 15, 2006.

Postlaminectomy Kyphosis in the Skeletally Immature Achondroplast

Ain, Michael C.; Shirley, Eric D.; Pirouzmanesh, Ashkan; More

Spine. 31(2):197-201, January 15, 2006.

Operative Treatment of Scoliosis in Patients With a Fontan Circulation

Hedequist, Daniel J.; Emans, John B.; Hall, John E.

Spine. 31(2):202-205, January 15, 2006.

MRI Signal Changes of the Pedicle as an Indicator for Early Diagnosis of Spondylolysis in Children and Adolescents: A Clinical and Biomechanical Study

Sairyo, Koichi; Katoh, Shinsuke; Takata, Yoichiro; More

Spine. 31(2):206-211, January 15, 2006.

A Population-Based Analysis of Healthcare Utilization of Persons With Back Disorders: Results From the Canadian Community Health Survey 2000–2001

Lim, Kim-Lian; Jacobs, Philip; Klarenbach, Scott

Spine. 31(2):212-218, January 15, 2006.

Work Disability and Costs Caused by Recurrence of Low Back Pain: Longer and More Costly Than in First Episodes

Wasiak, Radoslaw; Kim, JaeYoung; Pransky, Glenn

Spine. 31(2):219-225, January 15, 2006.

School-Based Interventions for Spinal Pain: A Systematic Review

Steele, Emily J.; Dawson, Anna P.; Hiller, Janet E.

Spine. 31(2):226-233, January 15, 2006.

An Evaluation of Image-Guided Technologies in the Placement of Percutaneous Iliosacral Screws

Smith, Harvey E.; Yuan, Philip S.; Sasso, Rick; More

Spine. 31(2):234-238, January 15, 2006.

Fluoroscopically Assisted Surgical Treatments of Spinal Disorders: Conceptus Radiation Doses and Risks

Theocharopoulos, Nicholas; Damilakis, John; Perisinakis, Kostas; More

Spine. 31(2):239-244, January 15, 2006.

A Review of the 2001 Volvo Award Winner in Clinical Studies: Lumbar Fusion Versus Nonsurgical Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial From the Swedish Lumbar Spine Study Group

Kwon, Brian; Katz, Jeffrey N.; Kim, David H.; More

Spine. 31(2):245-249, January 15, 2006.

Briefly Noted

Segmental Spinal Dysgenesis: Case Report of a 50-Year Follow-up After Surgery at Age 3 Years: Case Report

Ofiram, Elisha; Winter, Robert B; Lonstein, John E

Spine. 31(2):E59-E61, January 15, 2006.