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March 15, 2005 - Volume 30 - Issue 6
pp: i-i,559-710,E134-E163

Implementation of the Dutch Low Back Pain Guideline for General Practitioners: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Engers, Arno J.; Wensing, Michel; van Tulder, Mauritis W.; More

Spine. 30(6):559-600, March 15, 2005.

Extraforaminal Ligament Attachments of Human Lumbar Nerves

Kraan, G A.; Delwel, E J.; Hoogland, P V.J.M.; More

Spine. 30(6):601-605, March 15, 2005.

Physiological and Behavioral Evidence for Focal Nociception Induced by Epidural Glutamate Infusion in Rats

Harrington, J Frederick; Messier, Arthur A.; Hoffman, Laurie; More

Spine. 30(6):606-612, March 15, 2005.

Influence of Acute Shortening on the Spinal Cord: An Experimental Study

Kawahara, Norio; Tomita, Katsuro; Kobayashi, Tadayoshi; More

Spine. 30(6):613-620, March 15, 2005.

Disc Related Cytokines Inhibit Axonal Outgrowth From Dorsal Root Ganglion Cells In Vitro

Larsson, Karin; Rydevik, Björn; Olmarker, Kjell

Spine. 30(6):621-624, March 15, 2005.

The SOX9 Transcription Factor in the Human Disc: Decreased Immunolocalization With Age and Disc Degeneration

Gruber, Helen E.; Norton, H James; Ingram, Jane A.; More

Spine. 30(6):625-630, March 15, 2005.

Vibration Characteristics of the Human Spine Under Axial Cyclic Loads: Effect of Frequency and Damping

Guo, Li-Xin; Teo, Ee-Chon; Lee, Kim-Kheng; More

Spine. 30(6):631-637, March 15, 2005.

Interbody Device Shape and Size Are Important to Strengthen the Vertebra–Implant Interface

Tan, Juay-Seng; Bailey, Christopher S.; Dvorak, Marcel F.; More

Spine. 30(6):638-644, March 15, 2005.

The Monotonic and Fatigue Properties of Osteoporotic Thoracic Vertebral Bodies

Lindsey, Derek P.; Kim, Mi Jung; Hannibal, Matthew; More

Spine. 30(6):645-649, March 15, 2005.

Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy Can Alter Compressive Stress Distributions Inside Degenerated Intervertebral Discs

Pollintine, Phill; Findlay, Gordon; Adams, Michael A.

Spine. 30(6):E134-E139, March 15, 2005.

Variation in the Cervical Range of Motion Over Time Measured by the “Flock of Birds” Electromagnetic Tracking System

Bergman, Gert J.D.; Knoester, Bianca; Assink, Nienke; More

Spine. 30(6):650-654, March 15, 2005.

Quantitative Anatomic Evaluation of Cervical Lateral Mass Fixation With a Comparison of the Roy-Camille and the Magerl Screw Techniques

Barrey, Cédric; Mertens, Patrick; Jund, Jérôme; More

Spine. 30(6):E140-E147, March 15, 2005.

Radiological Changes in the Bone Fusion Site After Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Using Carbon Cages Impacted With Laminar Bone Chips: Follow-Up Study Over More Than 4 Years

Kim, Keun Su; Yang, Tai Ki; Lee, Jung Chung

Spine. 30(6):655-660, March 15, 2005.

Results of Long-Term Follow-Up in Patients Undergoing Anterior Screw Fixation for Type II and Rostral Type III Odontoid Fractures

Fountas, Kostas N.; Kapsalaki, Eftychia Z.; Karampelas, Ioannis; More

Spine. 30(6):661-669, March 15, 2005.

Analysis of Operative Complications in a Series of 471 Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Procedures

Sasso, Rick C.; Best, Natalie M.; Mummaneni, Praveen V.; More

Spine. 30(6):670-674, March 15, 2005.

Does the Number of Levels Affect Lumbar Fusion Outcome?

Lettice, John J.; Kula, Thomas A.; Derby, Richard; More

Spine. 30(6):675-681, March 15, 2005.

Neuroreflexotherapy for Nonspecific Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review

Urrútia, Gerard; Burton, Kim; Morral, Antoni; More

Spine. 30(6):E148-E153, March 15, 2005.

Correlation of Radiographic Parameters and Clinical Symptoms in Adult Scoliosis

Glassman, Steven D.; Berven, Sigurd; Bridwell, Keith; More

Spine. 30(6):682-688, March 15, 2005.

Nitrous Oxide With Propofol Reduces Somatosensory-Evoked Potential Amplitude in Children and Adolescents

Schaney, C Raymond; Sanders, James; Kuhn, Phyllis; More

Spine. 30(6):689-693, March 15, 2005.

Accuracy of an Automated Method to Measure Rotations of Vertebrae From Computerized Tomography Data

Rogers, Baxter; Wiese, Scott; Blankenbaker, Donna; More

Spine. 30(6):694-696, March 15, 2005.

Back Pain Claim Rates in Japan and the United States: Framing the Puzzle

Volinn, Ernest; Nishikitani, Mariko; Volinn, Weining; More

Spine. 30(6):697-704, March 15, 2005.

Validity of the Spanish Version of the Scoliosis Research Society-22 (SRS-22) Patient Questionnaire

Climent, Jose M.; Bago, Juan; Ey, Anna; More

Spine. 30(6):705-709, March 15, 2005.

The Rate and Variation of Referrals to Behavioral Medicine Services for Patients Reporting Poor Mental Health in the National Spine Network

Walsh, Thomas L.; Hanscom, Brett; Homa, Karen; More

Spine. 30(6):E154-E160, March 15, 2005.

Stress Fracture of the Pelvic Wing-Sacrum After Long-Level Lumbosacral Fusion: A Case Report

Koh, Young-Do; Kim, Jong Oh; Lee, Jeong Joon

Spine. 30(6):E161-E163, March 15, 2005.