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July 15, 2004 - Volume 29 - Issue 14
pp: i-i,1499-1597,E284-E303

Active Warming During Emergency Transport Relieves Acute Low Back Pain

Nuhr, Martin; Hoerauf, Klaus; Bertalanffy, Alexander; More

Spine. 29(14):1499-1503, July 15, 2004.

A Ligament in the Lumbar Foramina: Inverted Y Ligament: An Anatomic Report

Caglar, Y Sukru; Dolgun, Habibullah; Ugur, Hasan Caglar; More

Spine. 29(14):1504-1507, July 15, 2004.

Upregulation of the Viability of Nucleus Pulposus Cells by Bone Marrow-Derived Stromal Cells: Significance of Direct Cell-to-Cell Contact in Coculture System

Yamamoto, Yukihiro; Mochida, Joji; Sakai, Daisuke; More

Spine. 29(14):1508-1514, July 15, 2004.

Immortalization of Human Nucleus Pulposus Cells by a Recombinant SV40 Adenovirus Vector: Establishment of a Novel Cell Line for the Study of Human Nucleus Pulposus Cells

Sakai, Daisuke; Mochida, Joji; Yamamoto, Yukihiro; More

Spine. 29(14):1515-1523, July 15, 2004.

Cervical Ventral Epidural Pressure Response to Graded Spinal Canal Compromise and Spinal Motion

Wolfla, Christopher E.; Snell, Brian E.; Honeycutt, Johnnie H.

Spine. 29(14):1524-1529, July 15, 2004.

Interruption of the Bilateral Segmental Arteries at Several Levels: Influence on Vertebral Blood Flow

Nambu, Koshi; Kawahara, Norio; Kobayashi, Tadayoshi; More

Spine. 29(14):1530-1534, July 15, 2004.

Spinal Cord Repair With Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor as a Treatment for a Patient With Chronic Paraplegia

Cheng, Henrich; Liao, Kwong-Kum; Liao, Su-Fen; More

Spine. 29(14):E284-E288, July 15, 2004.

Antifungal Penetration into Normal Rabbit Nucleus Pulposus

Conaughty, Jason M.; Khurana, Sanjay; Banovac, Kresimir; More

Spine. 29(14):E289-E293, July 15, 2004.

Risk Factors for Adjacent Segment Degeneration After PLIF

Okuda, Shin’ya; Iwasaki, Motoki; Miyauchi, Akira; More

Spine. 29(14):1535-1540, July 15, 2004.

A Cochrane Review of Manipulation and Mobilization for Mechanical Neck Disorders

Gross, Anita R.; Hoving, Jan L.; Haines, Ted A.; More

Spine. 29(14):1541-1548, July 15, 2004.

The Effect of Intraoperative Traction During Posterior Spinal Instrumentation and Fusion for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Mac-Thiong, Jean-Marc; Labelle, Hubert; Poitras, Benoit; More

Spine. 29(14):1549-1554, July 15, 2004.

Estimation of Patient Dose and Associated Radiogenic Risks From Fluoroscopically Guided Pedicle Screw Insertion

Perisinakis, Kostas; Theocharopoulos, Nicholas; Damilakis, John; More

Spine. 29(14):1555-1560, July 15, 2004.

Can Health Care Utilization Explain the Association Between Socioeconomic Status and Back Pain?

Latza, Ute; Kohlmann, Thomas; Deck, Ruth; More

Spine. 29(14):1561-1566, July 15, 2004.

The Frequency and Associated Factors of Low Back Pain Among a Younger Population in Turkey

Çakmak, Aysegül; Yücel, Basak; Özyalçn, Süleyman N.; More

Spine. 29(14):1567-1572, July 15, 2004.

The Effectiveness of Standard Care, Early Intervention, and Occupational Management in Workers’ Compensation Claims: Part 2

Lemstra, Mark; Olszynski, W P.

Spine. 29(14):1573-1579, July 15, 2004.

The Cell Saver in Adult Lumbar Fusion Surgery: A Cost-Benefit Outcomes Study

Reitman, Charles A.; Watters, William C. III; Sassard, Walter R.

Spine. 29(14):1580-1583, July 15, 2004.

Single Versus Separate Registration for Computer-Assisted Lumbar Pedicle Screw Placement

Lee, Tao-Chen; Yang, Lin-Cheng; Liliang, Po-Chou; More

Spine. 29(14):1585-1589, July 15, 2004.

Sedation With Ketamine During Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy

Cohen, Steven P.; Larkin, Thomas

Spine. 29(14):1590-1592, July 15, 2004.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Associated With Pulmonary Cement Embolism Following Percutaneous Vertebroplasty With Polymethylmethacrylate

Yoo, Kyung Y.; Jeong, Seong W.; Yoon, Woong; More

Spine. 29(14):E294-E297, July 15, 2004.

A Case With Cauda Equina Syndrome Due to Bacterial Meningitis of Anterior Sacral Meningocele

Bal, Serpil; Kurtulmus, Sükran; Koçyigit, Hikmet; More

Spine. 29(14):E298-E299, July 15, 2004.

Extended Cervicolumbar Spinal Epidural Abscess Associated With Paraparesis Successfully Decompressed Using a Minimally Invasive Technique

Panagiotopoulos, Vasilios; Konstantinou, Dimitrios; Solomou, Ekaterini; More

Spine. 29(14):E300-E303, July 15, 2004.