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December 15, 2003 - Volume 28 - Issue 24
pp: i-i,2643-2711,E503-E522

Load Sharing in Premier and Zephir Anterior Cervical Plates

Rapoff, Andrew J.; Conrad, Bryan P.; Johnson, Wesley M.; More

Spine. 28(24):2648-2650, December 15, 2003.

Validation of T10-T11 Finite Element Model and Determination of Instantaneous Axes of Rotations in Three Anatomical Planes

Qiu, Tian-Xia; Teo, Ee-Chon; Lee, Kim-Kheng; More

Spine. 28(24):2694-2699, December 15, 2003.

An Organ Culture System for the Study of the Nucleus Pulposus: Description of the System and Evaluation of the Cells

Risbud, Makarand V.; Izzo, Marc W.; Adams, Christopher S.; More

Spine. 28(24):2652-2658, December 15, 2003.

Exposure to Pulsed Magnetic Fields Enhances Motor Recovery in Cats After Spinal Cord Injury

Crowe, Maria J.; Sun, Zhong-Ping; Battocletti, Joseph H.; More

Spine. 28(24):2660-2666, December 15, 2003.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Facilitates Expression of Chondrogenic, not Osteogenic, Phenotype of Human Intervertebral Disc Cells

Kim, Dong-Jun; Moon, Seong-Hwan; Kim, Hyang; More

Spine. 28(24):2679-2684, December 15, 2003.

Human Nucleus Pulposis Can Respond to a Pro-inflammatory Stimulus

Burke, J. G.; Watson, R. W. G.; Conhyea, D.; More

Spine. 28(24):2685-2693, December 15, 2003.

Results of Skip Laminectomy—Minimum 2-Year Follow-up Study Compared With Open-Door Laminoplasty

Shiraishi, Tateru; Fukuda, Kentaro; Yato, Yoshiyuki; More

Spine. 28(24):2667-2672, December 15, 2003.

Intermediate Follow-up After Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease With the Bryan Cervical Disc Prosthesis: Single-Level and Bi-Level

Goffin, Jan; Van Calenbergh, Frank; van Loon, Johannes; More

Spine. 28(24):2673-2678, December 15, 2003.

Do You See What I See? Looking at Scoliosis Surgical Outcomes Through Orthopedists’ Eyes

Buchanan, Renee; Birch, John G.; Morton, Anne A.; More

Spine. 28(24):2700-2704, December 15, 2003.

Effect of Office Ergonomics Intervention on Reducing Musculoskeletal Symptoms

Amick, Benjamin C. III,; Robertson, Michelle M.; DeRango, Kelly; More

Spine. 28(24):2706-2711, December 15, 2003.

Schmorl’s Node Developing in the Lumbar Vertebra Affected With Metastatic Carcinoma: Correlation Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Histological Findings

Yamaguchi, Takehiko; Suzuki, Seiichirou; Ishiiwa, Hiroaki; More

Spine. 28(24):E503-E505, December 15, 2003.

Late Spinal Cord Compression Caused by Pulled-out Thoracic Pedicle Screws: A Case Report

Alanay, Ahmet; Cil, Akin; Acaroglu, Emre; More

Spine. 28(24):E506-E510, December 15, 2003.

Migration of Intracranial Hemostatic Clip Into the Lumbar Spinal Canal Causing Sacral Radiculopathy: A Case Report

Yasui, Keigo; Kotani, Yoshihisa; Takeda, Yasushi; More

Spine. 28(24):E511-E514, December 15, 2003.

The Spine in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: A Case Report

Falliner, Axel; Drescher, Wolf; Brossmann, Joachim

Spine. 28(24):E519-E522, December 15, 2003.