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Preoperative Mental Health Component Scoring Is Related to Patient Reported Outcomes Following Lumbar Fusion

Stull, Justin D.; Divi, Srikanth N.; Goyal, Dhruv K.C.; More

SPINE. 45(12):798-803, June 15, 2020.

Spinal Stenosis Grading in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Won, Dongkyu; Lee, Hyun-Joo; Lee, Suk-Joong; More

SPINE. 45(12):804-812, June 15, 2020.

Risk Factors for 90-day Readmissions With Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders Following Posterior Lumbar Fusion

Ranti, Daniel; Mikhail, Christopher M.; Ranson, William; More

SPINE. 45(12):E704-E712, June 15, 2020.