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August 15, 2020 - Volume 45 - Issue 16

  • James N. Weinstein
  • 0362-2436
  • 1528-1159
  • 24 issues per year
  • Orthopedics 25/82 Clinical Neurology 102/204
  • 2.646

Efficacy of a Standalone Microporous Ceramic Versus Autograft in Instrumented Posterolateral Spinal Fusion: A Multicenter, Randomized, Intrapatient Controlled, Noninferiority Trial

Lehr, A. Mechteld; Oner, F. Cumhur; Delawi, Diyar; More

SPINE. 45(14):944-951, July 15, 2020.

Neck-Related Headache in Patients With Cervical Disc Disease After Surgery and Physiotherapy: A 1-Year Follow-up of a Prospective Randomized Study

Svensson, Jard; Hermansen, Anna; Wibault, Johanna; More

SPINE. 45(14):952-959, July 15, 2020.

Potential Selection Bias in Observational Studies Comparing Cervical Disc Arthroplasty to Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Goz, Vadim; Martin, Brook I.; Donnally, Chester J. III; More

SPINE. 45(14):960-967, July 15, 2020.

Risk Factors for Prolonged Opioid Use and Effects of Opioid Tolerance on Clinical Outcomes After Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Surgery

Reyes, Ariana A.; Canseco, Jose A.; Mangan, John J.; More

SPINE. 45(14):968-975, July 15, 2020.

Transpedicular Vertebrectomy With Circumferential Spinal Cord Decompression and Reconstruction for Thoracic Spine Metastasis: A Consecutive Case Series

Rustagi, Tarush; Mashaly, Hazem; Ganguly, Ranjit; More

SPINE. 45(14):E820-E828, July 15, 2020.

Early Surgical Decompression Ameliorates Dysfunction of Spinal Motor Neuron in Patients With Acute Traumatic Central Cord Syndrome: An Ambispective Cohort Analysis

Zheng, Chaojun; Yu, Qifeng; Shan, Xueli; More

SPINE. 45(14):E829-E838, July 15, 2020.

Spinal Growth in Patients With Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis Treated With Boston Brace: A Retrospective Study

Heemskerk, Johan L.; Wijdicks, Sebastiaan P.J.; Altena, Mark C.; More

SPINE. 45(14):976-982, July 15, 2020.

The Relationship Between 3-dimensional Spinal Alignment, Thoracic Volume, and Pulmonary Function in Surgical Correction of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A 5-year Follow-up Study

Buckland, Aaron J.; Woo, Dainn; Vasquez-Montes, Dennis; More

SPINE. 45(14):983-992, July 15, 2020.

Of Major Complication Types, Only Deep Infections After Spinal Fusion Are Associated With Worse Health-related Outcomes in Children With Cerebral Palsy

Eguia, Francisco; Nhan, Derek T.; Shah, Suken A.; More

SPINE. 45(14):993-999, July 15, 2020.

Analysis of the Factors Affecting Lumbar Segmental Lordosis After Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Otsuki, Bungo; Fujibayashi, Shunsuke; Takemoto, Mitsuru; More

SPINE. 45(14):E839-E846, July 15, 2020.

Clinical Performance and Concurrent Validity of the Adult Spinal Deformity Surgical Decision-making Score

Fujishiro, Takashi; Boissière, Louis; Cawley, Derek Thomas; More

SPINE. 45(14):E847-E855, July 15, 2020.

The Incidence and Management Trends of Metastatic Spinal Tumors in South Korea: A Nationwide Population-based Study

Choi, Sung Hoon; Koo, Ja Wook; Choe, DaeHyun; More

SPINE. 45(14):E856-E863, July 15, 2020.

Outcomes and Complications With Age in Spondylolisthesis: An Evaluation of the Elderly From the Quality Outcomes Database

Karsy, Michael; Chan, Andrew K.; Mummaneni, Praveen V.; More

SPINE. 45(14):1000-1008, July 15, 2020.

Cost–Utility Analysis of rhBMP-2 Use in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery

Jain, Amit; Yeramaneni, Samrat; Kebaish, Khaled M.; More

SPINE. 45(14):1009-1015, July 15, 2020.

90-day Readmission Rates for Single Level Anterior Lumbosacral Interbody Fusion: A Nationwide Readmissions Database Analysis

Elia, Christopher J.; Arvind, Varun; Brazdzionis, James; More

SPINE. 45(14):E864-E870, July 15, 2020.

Unilateral Laminectomy by Endoscopy in Central Lumbar Canal Spinal Stenosis: Technical Note and Early Outcomes

Sun, Fenglong; Liang, Qingchen; Yan, Ming; More

SPINE. 45(14):E871-E877, July 15, 2020.

The Effect of Surgical Decompression and Fusion on Functional Balance in Patients With Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis

Haddas, Ram; Lieberman, Isador; Block, Andrew; More

SPINE. 45(14):E878-E884, July 15, 2020.

Baseline Patient Characteristics Commonly Captured Before Surgery Do Not Accurately Predict Long-Term Outcomes of Lumbar Microdiscectomy Followed by Physiotherapy

Willems, Stijn J.; Coppieters, Michel W.; Rooker, Servan; More

SPINE. 45(14):E885-E891, July 15, 2020.