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December 15, 2019 - Volume 44 - Issue 24

  • James N. Weinstein
  • 0362-2436
  • 1528-1159
  • 24 issues per year
  • Orthopedics 19/76 Clinical Neurology 80/199
  • 2.903
Read the recent research from the Fourth Annual Musculoskeletal Education and Research Center Symposium. The meeting gathered eminent spine surgeons, clinicians, researchers, scientists, and engineers who presented the latest updates in theirfields of expertise creating discussion on a variety of clinically relevant topics such as challenges in musculoskeletal pathology with reference to spinal disorders, innovative research strategies, new implant technologies that are on the horizon, and most importantly, the scientific exchange of ideas and perspectives.Publication support provided by Globus Medical, Inc.
Published April 1, 2018
Other Supplements

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Homing Into Intervertebral Discs Enhances the Tie2-positive Progenitor Cell Population, Prevents Cell Death, and Induces a Proliferative Response

Wangler, Sebastian; Peroglio, Marianna; Menzel, Ursula; More

SPINE. 44(23):1613-1622, December 1, 2019.

Association of Susceptibility Genes for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Intervertebral Disc Degeneration With Adult Spinal Deformity

Takeda, Kazuki; Kou, Ikuyo; Hosogane, Naobumi; More

SPINE. 44(23):1623-1629, December 1, 2019.

Treg-promoted New Bone Formation Through Suppressing Th17 by Secreting Interleukin-10 in Ankylosing Spondylitis

Xu, Fan; Guanghao, Chi; Liang, Yan; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1349-E1355, December 1, 2019.

Procalcitonin and Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio After Spinal Instrumentation Surgery

Inose, Hiroyuki; Kobayashi, Yutaka; Yuasa, Masato; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1356-E1361, December 1, 2019.

Outcomes at Skeletal Maturity of 34 Children With Scoliosis Treated With a Traditional Single Growing Rod

Bouthors, Charlie; Gaume, Mathilde; Glorion, Chistophe; More

SPINE. 44(23):1630-1637, December 1, 2019.

Two-Level Osteotomy for the Corrective Surgery of Severe Kyphosis From Ankylosing Spondylitis: A Retrospective Series

Zhong, Woquan; Chen, Zhongqiang; Zeng, Yan; More

SPINE. 44(23):1638-1646, December 1, 2019.

Lower SRS Mental Health Scores are Associated With Greater Preoperative Pain in Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Hwang, Steven W.; Pahys, Joshua M.; Bastrom, Tracey P.; More

SPINE. 44(23):1647-1652, December 1, 2019.

Comparison of Radiological Features and Clinical Characteristics in Scoliosis Patients With Chiari I Malformation and Idiopathic Syringomyelia: A Matched Study

Shen, Jianxiong; Tan, Haining; Chen, Chong; More

SPINE. 44(23):1653-1660, December 1, 2019.

Predicting the Natural Course of Hemivertebra in Early Childhood: Clinical Significance of Anteroposterior Discordance Based on Three-dimensional Analysis

Chang, Sam Yeol; Nam, Yunjin; Lee, Jeongik; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1362-E1368, December 1, 2019.

Cervical Spine Fractures: Who Really Needs CT Angiography?

Fourman, Mitchell S.; Shaw, Jeremy D.; Vaudreuil, Nicholas J.; More

SPINE. 44(23):1661-1667, December 1, 2019.

Benchmarks of Duration and Magnitude of Opioid Consumption After Common Spinal Procedures: A Database Analysis of 47,823 Patients

Cook, David J.; Kaskovich, Samuel; Pirkle, Sean; More

SPINE. 44(23):1668-1675, December 1, 2019.

National Trends in the Surgical Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in Adult Spinal Deformity Patients

Al Jammal, Omar M.; Delavar, Arash; Maguire, Kathleen R.; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1369-E1378, December 1, 2019.

Validation of the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand in Patients Undergoing Cervical Spine Surgery

Khalifeh, Jawad M.; Akbari, Syed Hassan A.; Khandpur, Umang; More

SPINE. 44(23):1676-1684, December 1, 2019.

Comparative and Predictor Analysis of 30-day Readmission, Reoperation, and Morbidity in Patients Undergoing Multilevel ACDF Versus Single and Multilevel ACCF Using the ACS-NSQIP Dataset

Katz, Austen David; Mancini, Nickolas; Karukonda, Teja; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1379-E1387, December 1, 2019.

The Use of Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement Information System Physical Function to Predict Outcomes Based on Body Mass Index Following Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Yoo, Joon S.; Hrynewycz, Nadia M.; Brundage, Thomas S.; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1388-E1395, December 1, 2019.

Technical and Nontechnical Skills in Surgery: A Simulated Operating Room Environment Study

Pfandler, Michael; Stefan, Philipp; Mehren, Christoph; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1396-E1400, December 1, 2019.

Complications with Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion for Degenerative Spondylolisthesis in the Obese Population

Buyuk, Abdul Fettah; Shafa, Eiman; Dawson, John M.; More

SPINE. 44(23):E1401-E1408, December 1, 2019.