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Axial Low Back Pain

  • Creator:   Adam Pearson, MD, MS
  • Updated:   5/3/2022
  • Contains:  56 items
Classic Spine articles on the treatment of axial low back pain.

The Association of Lumbosacral Transitional Vertebrae with Low Back Pain and Lumbar Degenerative Findings in MRI: A Large Cohort Study

Hanhivaara, Jaakko; Määttä, Juhani H.; Karppinen, Jaro; More

SPINE. 47(2):153-162, January 15, 2022.

The Association Between Different Trajectories of Low Back Pain and Degenerative Imaging Findings in Young Adult Participants Within The Raine Study

Smith, Anne; Hancock, Mark; O’Hanlon, Susan; More

SPINE. 47(3):269-276, February 01, 2022.

Low Back Pain in Young Sports Players: A Cross-sectional Study in Japan

Yabe, Yutaka; Hagiwara, Yoshihiro; Sekiguchi, Takuya; More

SPINE. 46(17):1154-1159, September 01, 2021.

Association Between Low Back Pain and Biomedical Beliefs in Academics of Physiotherapy

Gomes, Aline Souza; de Sá Ferreira, Arthur; Reis, Felipe José Jandre; More

SPINE. 45(19):1354-1359, October 1, 2020.

Flexion-Relaxation Ratio Asymmetry and Its Relation With Trunk Lateral ROM in Individuals With and Without Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain

Rose-Dulcina, Kevin; Genevay, Stéphane; Dominguez, Dennis; More

SPINE. 45(1):E1-E9, January 1, 2020.

Therapeutic Advantages of Frequent Physical Therapy Sessions for Patients With Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Minetama, Masakazu; Kawakami, Mamoru; Teraguchi, Masatoshi; More

SPINE. 45(11):E639-E646, June 1, 2020.

Geography of Lumbar Paravertebral Muscle Fatty Infiltration: The Influence of Demographics, Low Back Pain, and Disability

Crawford, Rebecca J.; Volken, Thomas; Ni Mhuiris, Áine; More

SPINE. 44(18):1294-1302, September 15, 2019.

Pedicle Stress Injury in Children and Adolescents With Low Back Pain

Ekin, Elif Evrim; Altunrende, Muhittin Emre

SPINE. 44(17):E1038-E1044, September 1, 2019.

The Relationship Between Endplate Pathology and Patient-reported Symptoms for Chronic Low Back Pain Depends on Lumbar Paraspinal Muscle Quality

Bailey, Jeannie F.; Fields, Aaron J.; Ballatori, Alex; More

SPINE. 44(14):1010-1017, July 15, 2019.

Prevalence and Location of Neuropathic Pain in Lumbar Spinal Disorders: Analysis of 1804 Consecutive Patients With Primary Lower Back Pain

Orita, Sumihisa; Yamashita, Toshihiko; Ohtori, Seiji; More

SPINE. 41(15):1224-1231, August 1, 2016.

ISSLS Prize Winner: Vertebral Endplate (Modic) Change is an Independent Risk Factor for Episodes of Severe and Disabling Low Back Pain

Määttä, Juhani H.; Wadge, Sam; MacGregor, Alex; More

Spine. 40(15):1187-1193, August 01, 2015.

Characteristics of Low Back Pain in Adolescent Patients With Early-Stage Spondylolysis Evaluated Using a Detailed Visual Analogue Scale

Sugiura, Shiro; Aoki, Yasuchika; Toyooka, Takeshi; More

Spine. 40(1):E29-E34, January 01, 2015.

Preoperative Pain Neuroscience Education for Lumbar Radiculopathy: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial With 1-Year Follow-up

Louw, Adriaan; Diener, Ina; Landers, Merrill R.; More

Spine. 39(18):1449-1457, August 15, 2014.

Radiofrequency Denervation for Facet Joint Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review

Poetscher, Arthur Werner; Gentil, Andre Felix; Lenza, Mario; More

Spine. 39(14):E842-E849, June 15, 2014.

Correlation of Pain With Objective Quantification of Magnetic Resonance Images in Older Adults With Chronic Low Back Pain

Bechara, Bernard P.; Agarwal, Vikas; Boardman, John; More

Spine. 39(6):469-475, March 15, 2014.

Application of the Modified Lower Extremity Functional Scale in Low Back Pain

Liang, Huey-Wen; Hou, Wen-Hsuan; Chang, Kai-Shiang

Spine. 38(23):2043-2048, November 01, 2013.

Coordination of Spinal Motion in the Transverse and Frontal Planes During Walking in People With and Without Recurrent Low Back Pain

Crosbie, Jack; de Faria Negrão Filho, Ruben; Nascimento, Dafne Port; More

Spine. 38(5):E286-E292, March 01, 2013.

Intervertebral Disc Height Changes After Weight Reduction in Morbidly Obese Patients and Its Effect on Quality of Life and Radicular and Low Back Pain

Lidar, Zvi; Behrbalk, Eyal; Regev, Gilad J.; More

Spine. 37(23):1947-1952, November 01, 2012.

Association of Modic Changes, Schmorl's Nodes, Spondylolytic Defects, High-Intensity Zone Lesions, Disc Herniations, and Radial Tears With Low Back Symptom Severity Among Young Finnish Adults

Takatalo, Jani; Karppinen, Jaro; Niinimäki, Jaakko; More

Spine. 37(14):1231-1239, June 15, 2012.

In Vivo Topographic Analysis of Lumbar Facet Joint Space Width Distribution in Healthy and Symptomatic Subjects

Simon, Peter; Orías, Alejandro A. Espinoza; Andersson, Gunnar B. J.; More

Spine. 37(12):1058-1064, May 20, 2012.

T Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Discography Pressure as Novel Biomarkers for Disc Degeneration and Low Back Pain

Borthakur, Arijitt; Maurer, Philip M.; Fenty, Matthew; More

Spine. 36(25):2190-2196, December 01, 2011.

Substantial Asymmetry in Paraspinal Muscle Cross-Sectional Area in Healthy Adults Questions Its Value as a Marker of Low Back Pain and Pathology

Niemeläinen, Riikka; Briand, Marie-Michèle; Battié, Michele C.

Spine. 36(25):2152-2157, December 01, 2011.

Assessment of Association Between Low Back Pain and Paraspinal Muscle Atrophy Using Opposed-Phase Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Population-Based Study Among Young Adults

Paalanne, Niko; Niinimäki, Jaakko; Karppinen, Jaro; More

Spine. 36(23):1961-1968, November 01, 2011.

Influence of Low Back Pain Status on Pelvis-Trunk Coordination During Walking and Running

Seay, Joseph F.; Van Emmerik, Richard E. A.; Hamill, Joseph

Spine. 36(16):E1070-E1079, July 15, 2011.

How Does Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease Affect the Disc Deformation at the Cephalic Levels In Vivo?

Wang, Shaobai; Xia, Qun; Passias, Peter; More

Spine. 36(9):E574-E581, April 20, 2011.

The Expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α and CD68 in High-Intensity Zone of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc on Magnetic Resonance Image in the Patients With Low Back Pain

Dongfeng, Ren; Hou, Shuxun; Wu, Wenwen; More

Spine. 36(6):E429-E433, March 15, 2011.

Adaptation of Torso Movement Strategies in Persons With Spinal Cord Injury or Low Back Pain

Kim, K. Han; Choe, Su Bang; Haig, Andrew J.; More

Spine. 35(19):1753-1759, September 1, 2010.

In Vivo Measurement of Lumbar Facet Joint Area in Asymptomatic and Chronic Low Back Pain Subjects

Otsuka, Yoshihisa; An, Howard S.; Ochia, Ruth S.; More

Spine. 35(8):924-928, April 15, 2010.

Comparison of the Effectiveness of Three Manual Physical Therapy Techniques in a Subgroup of Patients With Low Back Pain Who Satisfy a Clinical Prediction Rule: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Cleland, Joshua A.; Fritz, Julie M.; Kulig, Kornelia; More

Spine. 34(25):2720-2729, December 1, 2009.

The Relationship Between Back Pain and Future Vertebral Fracture in Postmenopausal Women

Kuroda, Tatsuhiko; Shiraki, Masataka; Tanaka, Shiro; More

Spine. 34(18):1984-1989, August 15, 2009.

Facet Orientation and Tropism: Associations With Facet Joint Osteoarthritis and Degeneratives

Kalichman, Leonid; Suri, Pradeep; Guermazi, Ali; More

Spine. 34(16):E579-E585, July 15, 2009.

The Effects of Stochastic Resonance Stimulation on Spine Proprioception and Postural Control in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

Reeves, N Peter; Cholewicki, Jacek; Lee, Angela S.; More

Spine. 34(4):316-321, February 15, 2009.

Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis: Prevalence and Association With Low Back Pain in the Adult Community-Based Population

Kalichman, Leonid; Kim, David H.; Li, Ling; More

Spine. 34(2):199-205, January 15, 2009.

How Often Is Low Back Pain Not Coming From the Back?

Sembrano, Jonathan N.; Polly, David W. Jr

Spine. 34(1):E27-E32, January 1, 2009.

Facet Joint Osteoarthritis and Low Back Pain in the Community-Based Population

Kalichman, Leonid; Li, Ling; Kim, David H.; More

Spine. 33(23):2560-2565, November 1, 2008.

The Influence of Posture and Loading on Interfacet Spacing: An Investigation Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Porcine Spinal Units

Drake, Janessa D. M.; Dobson, Howard; Callaghan, Jack P.

Spine. 33(20):E728-E734, September 15, 2008.

Differences in Low Back Pain Behavior Are Reflected in the Cerebral Response to Tactile Stimulation of the Lower Back

Lloyd, Donna; Findlay, Gordon; Roberts, Neil; More

Spine. 33(12):1372-1377, May 20, 2008.

The Reliability of Nonorganic Sign-Testing and the Waddell Score in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain

Apeldoorn, Adri T.; Bosselaar, Henk; Blom-Luberti, Tanja; More

Spine. 33(7):821-826, April 1, 2008.

Surgical Results in Hidden Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Detected by Axial Loaded Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging: An Outcome Study

Willén, Jan; Wessberg, Per J.; Danielsson, Barbro

Spine. 33(4):E109-E115, February 15, 2008.

The Effect of Chronic Low Back Pain on Trunk Muscle Activations in Target Reaching Movements With Various Loads

Thomas, James S.; France, Christopher R.; Sha, DaoHang; More

Spine. 32(26):E801-E808, December 15, 2007.

Three-Column Ligamentous Extension Injury of the Thoracic Spine: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Elgafy, Hossein; Bellabarba, Carlo

Spine. 32(25):E785-E788, December 1, 2007.

Are Back Supports Plus Education More Effective Than Education Alone in Promoting Recovery From Low Back Pain?: Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial

Oleske, Denise M.; Lavender, Steven A.; Andersson, Gunnar B. J.; More

Spine. 32(19):2050-2057, September 1, 2007.

Physiotherapy-Based Rehabilitation Following Disc Herniation Operation: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial

Erdogmus, Celal B.; Resch, Karl-Ludwig; Sabitzer, Ronald; More

Spine. 32(19):2041-2049, September 1, 2007.

In Vivo Measurements of Lumbar Segmental Motion During Axial Rotation in Asymptomatic and Chronic Low Back Pain Male Subjects

Ochia, Ruth S.; Inoue, Nozomu; Takatori, Ryota; More

Spine. 32(13):1394-1399, June 1, 2007.

Association of Gene Polymorphisms With Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and Vertebral Osteophyte Formation

Sakai, Yoshihito; Matsuyama, Yukihiro; Hasegawa, Yukiharu; More

Spine. 32(12):1279-1286, May 20, 2007.

Modic Changes in Endplates of Lumbar Vertebral Bodies: Prevalence and Association With Low Back and Sciatic Pain Among Middle-Aged Male Workers

Kuisma, Mari; Karppinen, Jaro; Niinimäki, Jaakko; More

Spine. 32(10):1116-1122, May 1, 2007.

Randomized Clinical Trial of Lumbar Instrumented Fusion and Cognitive Intervention and Exercises in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain and Disc Degeneration

Ivar Brox, Jens; Sørensen, Roger; Friis, Astrid; More

Spine. 28(17):1913-1921, September 1, 2003.