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Role of Enhanced Central Leptin Activity in a Scoliosis Model Created in Bipedal Amputated Mice

Wu, Tao; Sun, Xu; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 40(19):E1041-E1045, October 1st, 2015.

How Does the Supine MRI Correlate With Standing Radiographs of Different Curve Severity in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis?

Shi, Benlong; Mao, Saihu; Wang, Zhiwei; More

Spine. 40(15):1206-1212, August 1st, 2015.

Investigation of the 53 Markers in a DNA-Based Prognostic Test Revealing New Predisposition Genes for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Xu, Leilei; Huang, Shushu; Qin, Xiaodong; More

Spine. 40(14):1086-1091, July 15th, 2015.

Estimation of the Ideal Lumbar Lordosis to Be Restored From Spinal Fusion Surgery: A Predictive Formula for Chinese Population

Xu, Leilei; Qin, Xiaodong; Zhang, Wen; More

Spine. 40(13):1001-1005, July 1st, 2015.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Cervical Syringomyelia Secondary to Chiari I Malformation: Preliminary Results

Yan, Huang; Zhu, Zezhang; Liu, Zhen; More

Spine. 40(7):E381-E387, April 1st, 2015.

Will Immediate Postoperative Imbalance Improve in Patients With Thoracolumbar/Lumbar Degenerative Kyphoscoliosis? A Comparison Between Smith-Petersen Osteotomy and Pedicle...

Bao, Hongda; He, Shouyu; Liu, Zhen; More

Spine. 40(5):E293-E300, March 1st, 2015.

Unanticipated Revision Surgery in Adult Spinal Deformity: An Experience With 815 Cases at One Institution

Zhu, Feng; Bao, Hongda; Liu, Zhen; More

Spine. 39(26B):B36-B44, December 15th, 2014.

Vertebral Rotatory Subluxation in Degenerative Scoliosis: Facet Joint Tropism Is Related

Bao, Hongda; Zhu, Feng; Liu, Zhen; More

Spine. 39(26B):B45-B51, December 15th, 2014.

T1 Pelvic Angle: A New Predictor for Postoperative Sagittal Balance and Clinical Outcomes in Adult Scoliosis

Qiao, Jun; Zhu, Feng; Xu, Leilei; More

Spine. 39(25):2103-2107, December 1st, 2014.

Coronal Curvature and Spinal Imbalance in Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis: Disc Degeneration Is Associated

Bao, Hongda; Zhu, Feng; Liu, Zhen; More

Spine. 39(24):E1441-E1447, November 15th, 2014.

Comparison of 2 Methods of Incision Closure in Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Undergoing Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery

Xu, Leilei; Zhu, Feng; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 39(8):E481-E485, April 15th, 2014.

Analysis of L5 Incidence in Normal Population Use of L5 Incidence as a Guide in Reconstruction of Lumbosacral Alignment

Zhu, Feng; Bao, Hongda; Liu, Zhen; More

Spine. 39(2):E140-E146, January 15th, 2014.

Sagittal Alignment of Spine and Pelvis in Asymptomatic Adults: Norms in Chinese Populations

Zhu, Zezhang; Xu, Leilei; Zhu, Feng; More

Spine. 39(1):E1-E6, January 1st, 2014.

Association Between Genetic Determinants of Peak Height Velocity During Puberty and Predisposition to Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Mao, Saihu; Xu, Leilei; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 38(12):1034-1039, May 20th, 2013.

Validation and Reliability Analysis of the New SRS-Schwab Classification for Adult Spinal Deformity

Liu, Yong; Liu, Zhen; Zhu, Feng; More

Spine. 38(11):902-908, May 15th, 2013.

Is Curve Direction Correlated With the Dominant Side of Tonsillar Ectopia and Side of Syrinx Deviation in Patients With Single Thoracic Scoliosis Secondary to Chiari Malformation...

Zhu, Zezhang; Wu, Tao; Sha, Shifu; More

Spine. 38(8):671-677, April 15th, 2013.

Effectiveness of Brace Treatment of Chiari Malformation–Associated Scoliosis After Posterior Fossa Decompression: A Comparison With Idiopathic Scoliosis

Sha, Shifu; Zhu, Zezhang; Sun, Xu; More

Spine. 38(5):E299-E305, March 1st, 2013.

Different Curve Pattern and Other Radiographical Characteristics in Male and Female Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Wang, Weijun; Zhu, Zezhang; Zhu, Feng; More

Spine. 37(18):1586-1592, August 15th, 2012.

The Position of the Aorta Changes With Altered Body Position in Single Right Thoracic Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Jiang, Hua; Qiu, Xusheng; Wang, Weijun; More

Spine. 37(17):E1054-E1061, August 1st, 2012.

Re-evaluation of Reliability and Validity of Simplified Chinese Version of SRS-22 Patient Questionnaire: A Multicenter Study of 333 Cases

Qiu, Guixing; Qiu, Yong; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 36(8):E545-E550, April 15th, 2011.

Spinal Osteoblastoma Complicated With Epidural Hematoma: Two Case Reports

Qian, Bang-ping; Qiu, Yong; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 34(12):E447-E451, May 20th, 2009.

Bone Mineral Accrual in Osteopenic and Nonosteopenic Girls With Idiopathic Scoliosis During Bracing Treatment

Qiu, Yong; Sun, Xu; Cheng, Jack C. Y.; More

Spine. 33(15):1682-1689, July 1st, 2008.

Incidence and Risk Factors of Neurological Deficits of Surgical Correction for Scoliosis: Analysis of 1373 Cases at One Chinese Institution

Qiu, Yong; Wang, Shoufeng; Wang, Bin; More

Spine. 33(5):519-526, March 1st, 2008.

Decreased Circulating Leptin Level and Its Association With Body and Bone Mass in Girls With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Qiu, Yong; Sun, Xu; Qiu, Xusheng; More

Spine. 32(24):2703-2710, November 15th, 2007.

Abnormal Spreading and Subunit Expression of Junctional Acetylcholine Receptors of Paraspinal Muscles in Scoliosis Associated With Syringomyelia

Zhu, Zezhang; Qiu, Yong; Wang, Bin; More

Spine. 32(22):2449-2454, October 15th, 2007.

Histologic, Risser Sign, and Digital Skeletal Age Evaluation for Residual Spine Growth Potential in Chinese Female Idiopathic Scoliosis

Wang, Shoufeng; Qiu, Yong; Ma, Zhaolong; More

Spine. 32(15):1648-1654, July 1st, 2007.

Variations of the Position of the Cerebellar Tonsil in Idiopathic Scoliotic Adolescents With a Cobb Angle >40°: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Sun, Xu; Qiu, Yong; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 32(15):1680-1686, July 1st, 2007.

Asymmetric Expression of Melatonin Receptor mRNA in Bilateral Paravertebral Muscles in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Qiu, Yong; Wu, Liang; Wang, Bin; More

Spine. 32(6):667-672, March 15th, 2007.

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