Articles by Volker Bühren, MD

The Influence of Distraction Force on the Intradiscal Pressure Gradient in the Bridged Lumbar Spine: A Biomechanical Investigation Using a Calf Model

Spiegl, Ulrich; Pätzold, Robert; Glasmacher, Stefan; More

Spine. 39(7):E427-E433, April 1st, 2014.

Strategies for Prevention and Operative Treatment of Aortic Lesions Related to Spinal Interventions

Kopp, Reinhard; Beisse, Rudolph; Weidenhagen, Rolf; More

Spine. 32(25):E753-E760, December 1st, 2007.

The Role of Thoracoscopic Spinal Surgery in the Management of Pyogenic Vertebral Osteomyelitis

Mückley, Thomas; Schütz, Tanja; Schmidt, Meic H.; More

Spine. 29(11):E227-E233, June 1st, 2004.