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Articles by Per Kjaer, PhD

The Relationship of Lumbar Multifidus Muscle Morphology to Previous, Current, and Future Low Back Pain: A 9-Year Population-Based Prospective Cohort Study

Hebert, Jeffrey J.; Kjaer, Per; Fritz, Julie M.; More

Spine. 39(17):1417-1425, August 01, 2014.

Lumbar Sagittal Shape Variation Vis-à-Vis Sex During Growth: A 3-Year Follow-up Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study in Children From the General Population

Masharawi, Youssef; Kjaer, Per; Manniche, Claus; More

Spine. 37(6):501-507, March 15, 2012.

Lumbar Facet and Interfacet Shape Variation During Growth in Children From the General Population: A Three-Year Follow-up MRI Study

Masharawi, Youssef M.; Kjaer, Per; Bendix, Tom; More

Spine. 34(4):408-412, February 15, 2009.

Burned-Out Discs Stop Hurting: Fact or Fiction?

Bendix, Tom; Kjaer, Per; Korsholm, Lars

Spine. 33(25):E962-E967, December 1, 2008.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Low Back Pain in Adults: A Diagnostic Imaging Study of 40-Year-Old Men and Women

Kjaer, Per; Leboeuf-Yde, Charlotte; Korsholm, Lars; More

Spine. 30(10):1173-1180, May 15, 2005.

An Epidemiologic Study of MRI and Low Back Pain in 13-Year-Old Children

Kjaer, Per; Leboeuf-Yde, Charlotte; Sorensen, Joan Solgaard; More

Spine. 30(7):798-806, April 1, 2005.