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Articles by Paul A. Anderson, MD

The Reliability and Validity of the Thoracolumbar Injury Classification System in Pediatric Spine Trauma

Savage, Jason W.; Moore, Timothy A.; Arnold, Paul M.; More

Spine. 40(18):E1014-E1018, September 15, 2015.

Vertebral Artery Anomalies at the Craniovertebral Junction in the US Population

O'Donnell, Courtney M.; Child, Zachary A.; Nguyen, Quynh; More

Spine. 39(18):E1053-E1057, August 15, 2014.

Low Lumbar Fractures: Does Thoracolumbar Injury Classification and Severity Score Work?

Moore, Timothy A.; Bransford, Richard J.; France, John C.; More

Spine. 39(17):E1021-E1025, August 01, 2014.

Active Cervical and Lumbar Range of Motion During Performance of Activities of Daily Living in Healthy Young Adults

Cobian, Daniel G.; Daehn, Nicole S.; Anderson, Paul A.; More

Spine. 38(20):1754-1763, September 15, 2013.

Cost-Effectiveness of Single-Level Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Five Years After Surgery

Carreon, Leah Y.; Anderson, Paul A.; Traynelis, Vincent C.; More

Spine. 38(6):471-475, March 15, 2013.


Anderson, Paul A.; Andersson, Gunnar B. J.; Arnold, Paul M.; More

Spine. 37:S8-S9, October 15, 2012.

Methodology for the Systematic Reviews on an Adjacent Segment Pathology

Norvell, Daniel C.; Dettori, Joseph R.; Skelly, Andrea C.; More

Spine. 37:S10-S17, October 15, 2012.

A Systematic Review of Definitions and Classification Systems of Adjacent Segment Pathology

Kraemer, Paul; Fehlings, Michael G.; Hashimoto, Robin; More

Spine. 37:S31-S39, October 15, 2012.

Kinematics of the Cervical Adjacent Segments After Disc Arthroplasty Compared With Anterior Discectomy and Fusion: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Anderson, Paul A.; Sasso, Rick C.; Hipp, John; More

Spine. 37:S85-S95, October 15, 2012.

Hydrostatic Comparison of Nonpenetrating Titanium Clips Versus Conventional Suture for Repair of Spinal Durotomies

Faulkner, Nathan D.; Finn, Michael A.; Anderson, Paul A.

Spine. 37(9):E535-E539, April 20, 2012.

Supine Thoracolumbar Sagittal Spine Alignment: Comparing Computerized Tomography and Plain Radiographs

Abdel, Matthew P.; Bodemer, William S.; Anderson, Paul A.

Spine. 37(4):340-345, February 15, 2012.

Predicting Health-Utility Scores From the Cervical Spine Outcomes Questionnaire in a Multicenter Nationwide Study of Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery

Skolasky, Richard L.; Carreon, Leah Y.; Anderson, Paul A.; More

Spine. 36(25):2211-2216, December 01, 2011.

A New Bone Surrogate Model for Testing Interbody Device Subsidence

Au, Anthony G.; Aiyangar, Ameet K.; Anderson, Paul A.; More

Spine. 36(16):1289-1296, July 15, 2011.

Sagittal Alignment After Bryan Cervical Arthroplasty

Sasso, Rick C.; Metcalf, Newton H.; Hipp, John A.; More

Spine. 36(13):991-996, June 01, 2011.

Predicting SF-6D Utility Scores From the Neck Disability Index and Numeric Rating Scales for Neck and Arm Pain

Carreon, Leah Y.; Anderson, Paul A.; McDonough, Christine M.; More

Spine. 36(6):490-494, March 15, 2011.

Injury of the Posterior Ligamentous Complex of the Thoracolumbar Spine: A Prospective Evaluation of the Diagnostic Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Vaccaro, Alexander R.; Rihn, Jeffrey A.; Saravanja, Davor; More

Spine. 34(23):E841-E847, November 1, 2009.

Task-Specific Frequencies of Neck Motion Measured in Healthy Young Adults Over a Five-Day Period

Cobian, Daniel G.; Sterling, Andrew C.; Anderson, Paul A.; More

Spine. 34(6):E202-E207, March 15, 2009.

Accuracy of Dynamic Computed Tomography to Calculate Rotation Occurring at Lumbar Spinal Motion Segments

Zuhlke, Todd; Fine, Jason; Haughton, Victor M.; More

Spine. 34(6):E215-E218, March 15, 2009.

T2 Relaxation Times of Intervertebral Disc Tissue Correlated With Water Content and Proteoglycan Content

Marinelli, Nicholas L.; Haughton, Victor M.; Muñoz, Alejandro; More

Spine. 34(5):520-524, March 1, 2009.

Comparison of BRYAN Cervical Disc Arthroplasty With Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion: Clinical and Radiographic Results of a Randomized, Controlled, Clinical Trial

Heller, John G.; Sasso, Rick C.; Papadopoulos, Stephen M.; More

Spine. 34(2):101-107, January 15, 2009.

Predictors of Outcome After Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: A Multivariate Analysis

Anderson, Paul A.; Subach, Brian R.; Riew, K Daniel

Spine. 34(2):161-166, January 15, 2009.

Comparison of Short-term SF-36 Results Between Total Joint Arthroplasty and Cervical Spine Decompression and Fusion or Arthroplasty

Anderson, Paul A.; Puschak, Thomas J.; Sasso, Rick C.

Spine. 34(2):176-183, January 15, 2009.

Use of Cervical Collar After Single-Level Anterior Cervical Fusion With Plate: Is it Necessary?

Campbell, Mitchell J.; Carreon, Leah Y.; Traynelis, Vincent; More

Spine. 34(1):43-48, January 1, 2009.

Annual Frequency and Magnitude of Neck Motion in Healthy Individuals

Sterling, Andrew C.; Cobian, Daniel G.; Anderson, Paul A.; More

Spine. 33(17):1882-1888, August 1, 2008.

Comparison of Adverse Events Between the Bryan Artificial Cervical Disc and Anterior Cervical Arthrodesis

Anderson, Paul A.; Sasso, Rick C.; Riew, K Daniel

Spine. 33(12):1305-1312, May 20, 2008.

A Method to Measure Cervical Spine Motion Over Extended Periods of Time

Syed, Faiz I.; Oza, Ashish L.; Vanderby, Ray; More

Spine. 32(19):2092-2098, September 1, 2007.

A Radiostereometric Analysis of the Bryan® Cervical Disc Prosthesis

Lind, Bengt; Zoëga, Björn; Anderson, Paul A.

Spine. 32(8):885-890, April 15, 2007.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clarity of the Bryan®, Prodisc-C®, Prestige LP®, and PCM® Cervical Arthroplasty Devices

Sekhon, Lali H. S.; Duggal, Neil; Lynch, James J.; More

Spine. 32(6):673-680, March 15, 2007.

Work Status as a Predictor of Surgical Outcome of Discogenic Low Back Pain

Anderson, Paul A.; Schwaegler, Paul E.; Cizek, Deborah; More

Spine. 31(21):2510-2515, October 1, 2006.

Biomechanical and Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Technique for Surgical Repair of Spondylolysis in Adolescents

Ulibarri, James A.; Anderson, Paul A.; Escarcega, Tony; More

Spine. 31(18):2067-2072, August 15, 2006.

Classification of Lower Cervical Spine Injuries

Moore, Timothy A.; Vaccaro, Alexander R.; Anderson, Paul A.

Spine. 31(11S):S37-S43, May 15, 2006.

Radiographic Measurement Techniques for Sacral Fractures Consensus Statement of the Spine Trauma Study Group

Kuklo, Timothy R.; Potter, Benjamin K.; Ludwig, Steven C.; More

Spine. 31(9):1047-1055, April 20, 2006.

Biomechanics of Occipitocervical Fixation

Anderson, Paul A.; Oza, Ashish L.; Puschak, Thomas J.; More

Spine. 31(7):755-761, April 1, 2006.

Bone Ingrowth in Retrieved Bryan Cervical Disc Prostheses: (Presented at the 2004 CSRS Meeting)

Jensen, Wade K.; Anderson, Paul A.; Nel, Louis; More

Spine. 30(22):2497-2502, November 15, 2005.

A New Classification of Thoracolumbar Injuries: The Importance of Injury Morphology, the Integrity of the Posterior Ligamentous Complex, and Neurologic Status

Vaccaro, Alexander R.; Lehman, Ronald A. Jr; Hurlbert, R John; More

Spine. 30(20):2325-2333, October 15, 2005.

A Blinded Assessment of Radiographic Criteria for Atlanto-occipital Dislocation

Dziurzynski, Kristine; Anderson, Paul A.; Bean, Darren B.; More

Spine. 30(12):1427-1432, June 15, 2005.

Introduction: Disc Degeneration: Summary

An, Howard S.; Anderson, Paul A.; Haughton, Victor M.; More

Spine. 29(23):2677-2678, December 1, 2004.

Intervertebral Disc Arthroplasty

Anderson, Paul A.; Rouleau, Jeffrey P.

Spine. 29(23):2779-2786, December 1, 2004.