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Articles by Noriaki Kawakami

Sagittal Alignment Profile Following Selective Thoracolumbar/Lumbar Fusion in Patients With Lenke Type 5C Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Tauchi, Ryoji; Kawakami, Noriaki; Ohara, Tetsuya; More

SPINE. 44(17):1193-1200, September 1, 2019.

A Replication Study for the Association of rs11190870 With Curve Severity in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in Japanese

Takahashi, Yohei; Kou, Ikuyo; Ogura, Yoji; More

Spine. 43(10):688-692, May 15, 2018.

Clinical and Radiographical Differences Between Thoracic Idiopathic Spinal Cord Herniation and Spinal Arachnoid Cyst

Nakashima, Hiroaki; Imagama, Shiro; Yagi, Hideki; More

Spine. 42(16):E963-E968, August 15, 2017.

Comparison of Surgical Outcomes Between Anterior Fusion and Posterior Fusion in Patients With AIS Lenke Type 1 or 2 that Underwent Selective Thoracic Fusion -Long-term Follow-up Study Longer Than 10 Postoperative Years

Nohara, Ayato; Kawakami, Noriaki; Saito, Toshiki; More

Spine. 40(21):1681-1689, November 2015.

Adjacent Segment Disease After Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Based on Cases With a Minimum of 10 Years of Follow-up

Nakashima, Hiroaki; Kawakami, Noriaki; Tsuji, Taichi; More

Spine. 40(14):E831-E841, July 15, 2015.

Association of Postoperative Shoulder Balance With Adding-on in Lenke Type II Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Cao, Kai; Watanabe, Kota; Hosogane, Naobumi; More

Spine. 39(12):E705-E712, May 20, 2014.

Selection of Lower Instrumented Vertebra in Treating Lenke Type 2A Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Cao, Kai; Watanabe, Kota; Kawakami, Noriaki; More

Spine. 39(4):E253-E261, February 15, 2014.

A Replication Study for Association of 53 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in a Scoliosis Prognostic Test With Progression of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in Japanese

Ogura, Yoji; Takahashi, Yohei; Kou, Ikuyo; More

Spine. 38(16):1375-1379, July 15, 2013.

Predictive Factors for a Poor Surgical Outcome With Thoracic Ossification of the Ligamentum Flavum by Multivariate Analysis: A Multicenter Study

Ando, Kei; Imagama, Shiro; Ito, Zenya; More

Spine. 38(12):E748-E754, May 20, 2013.

Postoperative Distal Adding-on and Related Factors in Lenke Type 1A Curve

Matsumoto, Morio; Watanabe, Kota; Hosogane, Naobumi; More

Spine. 38(9):737-744, April 20, 2013.

Risk Factors for Complications Associated With Growing-Rod Surgery for Early-Onset Scoliosis

Watanabe, Kota; Uno, Koki; Suzuki, Teppei; More

Spine. 38(8):E464-E468, April 15, 2013.

A Replication Study for Association of 5 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms With Curve Progression of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in Japanese Patients

Ogura, Yoji; Takahashi, Yohei; Kou, Ikuyo; More

Spine. 38(7):571-575, April 01, 2013.

Scoliosis Associated With Airflow Obstruction Due to Endothoracic Vertebral Hump

Ito, Kenyu; Kawakami, Noriaki; Miyasaka, Kazuyoshi; More

Spine. 37(25):2094-2098, December 01, 2012.

Culture and Ethnicity Influence Outcomes of the Scoliosis Research Society Instrument in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Morse, Lee Jae; Kawakami, Noriaki; Lenke, Lawrence G.; More

Spine. 37(12):1072-1076, May 20, 2012.

An Arterial Pulse Examination Is Not Sufficient for Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis: A Prospective Multicenter Study

Imagama, Shiro; Matsuyama, Yukihiro; Sakai, Yoshihito; More

Spine. 36(15):1204-1210, July 01, 2011.

Preventive Effect of Artificial Ligamentous Stabilization on the Upper Adjacent Segment Impairment Following Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Imagama, Shiro; Kawakami, Noriaki; Matsubara, Yuji; More

Spine. 34(25):2775-2781, December 1, 2009.

Classification of Congenital Scoliosis and Kyphosis: A New Approach to the Three-Dimensional Classification for Progressive Vertebral Anomalies Requiring Operative Treatment

Kawakami, Noriaki; Tsuji, Taichi; Imagama, Shiro; More

Spine. 34(17):1756-1765, August 1, 2009.

Traction Versus Supine Side-bending Radiographs in Determining Flexibility: What Factors Influence These Techniques?

Watanabe, Kota; Kawakami, Noriaki; Nishiwaki, Yuji; More

Spine. 32(23):2604-2609, November 1, 2007.

Three-Dimensional Analysis of Formation Failure in Congenital Scoliosis

Nakajima, Akira; Kawakami, Noriaki; Imagama, Shiro; More

Spine. 32(5):562-567, March 1, 2007.

Comparison of the Lowest Instrumented, Stable, and Lower End Vertebrae in “Single Overhang” Thoracic Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Anterior Versus Posterior Spinal Fusion

Kuklo, Timothy R.; O’Brien, Michael F.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; More

Spine. 31(19):2232-2236, September 1, 2006.

A Histomorphologic Study of Scoliosis in Pinealectomized Chickens

Yoshihara, Hisatake; Kawakami, Noriaki; Matsuyama, Yukihiro; More

Spine. 30(20):2244-2251, October 15, 2005.

Hip-Spine Syndrome: Total Sagittal Alignment of the Spine and Clinical Symptoms in Patients With Bilateral Congenital Hip Dislocation

Matsuyama, Yukihiro; Hasegawa, Yukiharu; Yoshihara, Hisatake; More

Spine. 29(21):2432-2437, November 1, 2004.