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Articles by Mark B. Dekutoski, MD

The Effect of Tobacco Smoking on Adverse Events Following Adult Complex Deformity Surgery: Analysis of 270 Patients From the Prospective, Multicenter Scoli-RISK-1 Study

Wilson, Jamie R.F.; Jiang, Fan; Badhiwala, Jetan H.; More

SPINE. 45(1):32-37, January 1, 2020.

External Validation of the Adult Spinal Deformity (ASD) Frailty Index (ASD-FI) in the Scoli-RISK-1 Patient Database

Miller, Emily K.; Lenke, Lawrence G.; Neuman, Brian J.; More

Spine. 43(20):1426-1431, October 15, 2018.

An Analysis of the Incidence and Outcomes of Major Versus Minor Neurological Decline After Complex Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: A Subanalysis of Scoli-RISK-1 Study

Kato, So; Fehlings, Michael G.; Lewis, Stephen J.; More

Spine. 43(13):905-912, July 1, 2018.

Ewing Sarcoma of the Spine: Prognostic Variables for Survival and Local Control in Surgically Treated Patients

Charest-Morin, Raphaële; Dirks, Michael S.; Patel, Shreyaskumar; More

Spine. 43(9):622-629, May 1, 2018.

En Bloc Resection Versus Intralesional Surgery in the Treatment of Giant Cell Tumor of the Spine

Charest-Morin, Raphaële; Fisher, Charles G.; Varga, Peter P.; More

Spine. 42(18):1383-1390, September 15, 2017.

A Novel Classification System for Spinal Instability in Neoplastic Disease: An Evidence-Based Approach and Expert Consensus From the Spine Oncology Study Group

Fisher, Charles G.; DiPaola, Christian P.; Ryken, Timothy C.; More

Spine. 35(22):E1221-E1229, October 15, 2010.

A Biofilm Approach to Detect Bacteria on Removed Spinal Implants

Sampedro, Marta Fernandez; Huddleston, Paul M.; Piper, Kerryl E.; More

Spine. 35(12):1218-1224, May 20, 2010.

Surgeon Perceptions and Reported Complications in Spine Surgery

Dekutoski, Mark B.; Norvell, Daniel C.; Dettori, Joseph R.; More

Spine. 35(9S):S9-S21, April 20, 2010.

Does Minimal Access Tubular Assisted Spine Surgery Increase or Decrease Complications in Spinal Decompression or Fusion?

Fourney, Daryl R.; Dettori, Joseph R.; Norvell, Daniel C.; More

Spine. 35(9S):S57-S65, April 20, 2010.