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Articles by HANS-JOACHIM WILKE, Dipl Ing

Molecular Interactions Between Human Cartilaginous Endplates and Nucleus Pulposus Cells: A Preliminary Investigation

Neidlinger-Wilke, Cornelia; Boldt, Antje; Brochhausen, Christoph; More

Spine. 39(17):1355-1364, August 01, 2014.

Can Prevention of a Reherniation Be Investigated? Establishment of a Herniation Model and Experiments With an Anular Closure Device

Wilke, Hans-Joachim; Ressel, Lena; Heuer, Frank; More

Spine. 38(10):E587-E593, May 01, 2013.

Different Arm Positions and the Shape of the Thoracic Spine Can Explain Contradictory Results in the Literature About Spinal Loads for Sitting and Standing

Dreischarf, Marcel; Bergmann, Georg; Wilke, Hans-Joachim; More

Spine. 35(22):2015-2021, October 15, 2010.

The Impact of Cervical Pedicle Screws for Primary Stability in Multilevel Posterior Cervical Stabilizations

Schmidt, René; Koller, Heiko; Wilke, Hans-Joachim; More

Spine. 35(22):E1167-E1171, October 15, 2010.

A New Porcine In Vivo Animal Model of Disc Degeneration: Response of Anulus Fibrosus Cells, Chondrocyte-Like Nucleus Pulposus Cells, and Notochordal Nucleus Pulposus Cells to Partial Nucleotomy

Omlor, Georg W.; Nerlich, Andreas G.; Wilke, Hans-Joachim; More

Spine. 34(25):2730-2739, December 1, 2009.

Prospective Design Delineation and Subsequent In Vitro Evaluation of a New Posterior Dynamic Stabilization System

Wilke, Hans-Joachim; Heuer, Frank; Schmidt, Hendrik

Spine. 34(3):255-261, February 1, 2009.

Interaction Between Finite Helical Axes and Facet Joint Forces Under Combined Loading

Schmidt, Hendrik; Heuer, Frank; Wilke, Hans-Joachim

Spine. 33(25):2741-2748, December 1, 2008.

Intradiscal Pressure, Shear Strain, and Fiber Strain in the Intervertebral Disc Under Combined Loading

Schmidt, Hendrik; Kettler, Annette; Heuer, Frank; More

Spine. 32(7):748-755, April 1, 2007.

Biomechanical Evaluation of Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty With Polymethyl Methacrylate or Calcium Phosphate Cement Under Cyclic Loading

Wilke, Hans-Joachim; Mehnert, Ulrich; Claes, Lutz E.; More

Spine. 31(25):2934-2941, December 1, 2006.

Biomechanical Evaluation of a New Total Posterior-Element Replacement System

Wilke, Hans-Joachim; Schmidt, Hendrik; Werner, Karin; More

Spine. 31(24):2790-2796, November 15, 2006.

In Vitro Stabilizing Effect of a Transforaminal Compared With Two Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Cages

Kettler, Annette; Schmoelz, Werner; Kast, Erich; More

Spine. 30(22):E665-E670, November 15, 2005.

Limitations of the Cervical Porcine Spine in Evaluating Spinal Implants in Comparison With Human Cervical Spinal Segments: A Biomechanical In Vitro Comparison of Porcine and Human Cervical Spine Specimens With Different Instrumentation Techniques

Schmidt, René; Richter, Marcus; Claes, Lutz; More

Spine. 30(11):1275-1282, June 1, 2005.

Correlation Between Neck Injury Risk and Impact Severity Parameters in Low-Speed Side Collisions

Kettler, Annette; Fruth, Kai; Hartwig, Erich; More

Spine. 29(21):2404-2409, November 1, 2004.