Articles by Hanne B. Albert, PhD

The Efficacy of Systematic Active Conservative Treatment for Patients With Severe Sciatica: A Single-Blind, Randomized, Clinical, Controlled Trial

Albert, Hanne B.; Manniche, Claus

Spine. 37(7):531-542, April 1st, 2012.

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Facet Asymmetry in Normal Vertebral Growth: Characterization and Etiologic Theory of Scoliosis

Masharawi, Youssef M.; Peleg, Smadar; Albert, Hanne B.; More

Spine. 33(8):898-902, April 15th, 2008.

Natural Course of Disc Morphology in Patients With Sciatica: An MRI Study Using a Standardized Qualitative Classification System

Jensen, Tue S.; Albert, Hanne B.; Soerensen, Joan S.; More

Spine. 31(14):1605-1612, June 15th, 2006.