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Articles by Hakan Bozkus, MD

Biomechanical Comparison of Instrumented and Uninstrumented Multilevel Cervical Discectomy Versus Corpectomy

Galler, Robert M.; Dogan, Seref; Fifield, Mary S.; More

Spine. 32(11):1220-1226, May 15, 2007.

Biomechanical Analysis of Rigid Stabilization Techniques for Three-Column Injury in the Lower Cervical Spine

Bozkus, Hakan; Ames, Christopher P.; Chamberlain, Robert H.; More

Spine. 30(8):915-922, April 15, 2005.

Biomechanical Comparison of Anterolateral Plate, Lateral Plate, and Pedicle Screws-Rods for Enhancing Anterolateral Lumbar Interbody Cage Stabilization

Bozkus, Hakan; Chamberlain, Robert H.; Perez Garza, Luis E.; More

Spine. 29(6):635-641, March 15, 2004.