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Articles by Dean Chou, MD

The Anatomic Characteristics of the Retroperitoneal Oblique Corridor to the L1-S1 Intervertebral Disc Spaces

Wang, Kai; Zhang, Can; Wu, Hao; More

Spine. 44(12):E697-E706, June 15, 2019.

En Bloc Resection Versus Intralesional Surgery in the Treatment of Giant Cell Tumor of the Spine

Charest-Morin, Raphaële; Fisher, Charles G.; Varga, Peter P.; More

Spine. 42(18):1383-1390, September 15, 2017.

Economic Impact of Revision Surgery for Proximal Junctional Failure After Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: A Cost Analysis of 57 Operations in a 10-year Experience at a Major Deformity Center

Theologis, Alexander A.; Miller, Liane; Callahan, Matt; More

Spine. 41(16):E964-E972, August 15, 2016.

Risk Factors for Recurrence of Surgically Treated Conventional Spinal Schwannomas: Analysis of 169 Patients From a Multicenter International Database

Fehlings, Michael G.; Nater, Anick; Zamorano, Juan J.; More

Spine. 41(5):390-398, March 1, 2016.

Spinal Hemangiomas: Results of Surgical Management for Local Recurrence and Mortality in a Multicenter Study

Goldstein, Christina L.; Varga, Peter Pal; Gokaslan, Ziya L.; More

Spine. 40(9):656-664, May 01, 2015.

Hospital Readmission Rates After Surgical Treatment of Primary and Metastatic Tumors of the Spine

Schairer, William W.; Carrer, Alexandra; Sing, David C.; More

Spine. 39(21):1801-1808, October 01, 2014.

Predictive Factors for Proximal Junctional Kyphosis in Long Fusions to the Sacrum in Adult Spinal Deformity

Maruo, Keishi; Ha, Yoon; Inoue, Shinichi; More

Spine. 38(23):E1469-E1476, November 01, 2013.

Surgical Site Infections in Spine Surgery: Identification of Microbiologic and Surgical Characteristics in 239 Cases

Abdul-Jabbar, Amir; Berven, Sigurd H.; Hu, Serena S.; More

Spine. 38(22):E1425-E1431, October 15, 2013.

Hospital Readmission After Spine Fusion for AdultSpinal Deformity

Schairer, William W.; Carrer, Alexandra; Deviren, Vedat; More

Spine. 38(19):1681-1689, September 01, 2013.


Anderson, Paul A.; Andersson, Gunnar B. J.; Arnold, Paul M.; More

Spine. 37:S8-S9, October 15, 2012.

The Treatment of Lumbar Adjacent Segment Pathology After a Previous Lumbar Surgery: A Systematic Review

Chou, Dean; Dekutoski, Mark; Hermsmeyer, Jeff; More

Spine. 37:S180-S188, October 15, 2012.

Surgical Site Infection in Spinal Surgery: Description of Surgical and Patient-Based Risk Factors for Postoperative Infection Using Administrative Claims Data

Abdul-Jabbar, Amir; Takemoto, Steven; Weber, Michael H.; More

Spine. 37(15):1340-1345, July 01, 2012.

Degenerative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Changes in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review

Chou, Dean; Samartzis, Dino; Bellabarba, Carlo; More

Spine. 36:S43-S53, October 1, 2011.

A Novel Classification System for Spinal Instability in Neoplastic Disease: An Evidence-Based Approach and Expert Consensus From the Spine Oncology Study Group

Fisher, Charles G.; DiPaola, Christian P.; Ryken, Timothy C.; More

Spine. 35(22):E1221-E1229, October 15, 2010.

An Analysis of Decision Making and Treatment in Thoracolumbar Metastases

Polly, David W. Jr; Chou, Dean; Sembrano, Jonathan N.; More

Spine. 34(22S):S118-S127, October 15, 2009.