June 15, 2009 - Volume 34 - Issue 14 - Contributor Index

Variation in Chondroadherin Abundance and Fragmentation in the Human Scoliotic Disc

Haglund, Lisbet; Ouellet, Jean; Roughley, Peter

Spine. 34(14):1513-1518, June 15, 2009.

Giant Multilevel Thoracic Hemangioma With Spinal Cord Compression in a Patient With Klippel-Weber-Trenaunay Syndrome: Case Report

Grau, Stefan J.; Holtmannspoetter, Markus; Seelos, Klaus; More

Spine. 34(14):E498-E500, June 15, 2009.

Hou, Chunlin MD

Complete Traumatic Anterior Dislocation of the Lumbosacral Joint: A Case Report

Lu, Xuhua; Hou, Chunlin; Yuan, Wen; More

Spine. 34(14):E488-E492, June 15, 2009.

Biopsy of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures During Kyphoplasty: Unsuspected Histologic Findings of Chronic Osteitis Without Clinical Evidence of Osteomyelitis

Allen, R Todd; Kum, Jennifer B.; Weidner, Noel; More

Spine. 34(14):1486-1491, June 15, 2009.