​​​Spine Grand Rounds

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Anterior Lateral Graft Insertion​

Anterior Lateral Graft Insertion During an ALIF Procedure Using SPIRA Open Matrix Spacer​

Jayme Trahan, MD

The ALIF procedure is a valuable approach in the armamentarium of a spine surgeon when addressing lower lumbar disc pathology. It is imperative to have various graft insertion angles when troubleshooting challenging venous anatomy. This report describes an anterior-lateral graft option when performing an anterior lumbar interbody fusion. Publication support provided by Camber Spine.

Open Posterior SI Joint Arthrodesis 

Open Posterior SI Joint Arthrodesis as Part of Revising Iliac Fixation 

Micah Smith, MD 

Loosening of iliac bolt fixation in deformity surgery is not uncommon and can be caused by various reasons. This report highlights a treatment option of open posterior SI joint arthrodesis in addition to revising instrumentation and regrafting the L5/S1 nonunion. Publication support provided by Camber Spine.