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Foreword and Executive Summary

Samdani, Amer MD

doi: 10.1097/BRS.0000000000002565

The Fourth Annual Musculoskeletal Education and Research Center Symposium was held in Audubon, PA, on August 25–26, 2017. This 2-day event combined presentations on the most recent advances in basic scientific and clinical research with current concepts in spinal surgery. The keynote speaker for the Symposium was Lawrence G. Lenke, MD, a world-renowned spine surgeon specializing in the surgical treatment of pediatric and adult patients with various forms of complex spinal deformities. Dr. Lenke's keynote address, “Clinical Spinal Deformity Research: From Inception to Global Standardization” is summarized in the third abstract in this issue. A presentation by Dr. Hans-Joachim Wilke, PhD, a prominent spinal researcher in the field of biomechanics, is summarized in the opening abstract, entitled “Motion Preservation in the Anterior and Posterior Spine.” Abstract 2 discusses the significant advantages and potential drawbacks of total disc arthroplasty in the cervical spine. Abstracts 4 through 7 discuss the role of infection and surface coatings in orthopedic implants. Various case presentations were discussed regarding spinal deformity in abstract 8 and cervical myelopathy in abstracts 19 and 20. Abstracts 9 and 10 present both sides of a debate held at the symposium focusing on the viability of spinal cord stimulation as a therapy for failed back surgery syndrome. Possible treatments for failed back surgery syndrome including surgical treatment and spinal cord stimulation are covered in abstracts 11 through 13. Abstracts 14 through 17 discuss the history, applications, complex cases, and future of robotics in spinal surgery. Lastly, abstract 18 of this supplement discusses the importance of entire spine assessment in correcting complex cervical deformities. The symposium provided a forum for researchers, spine surgeons, and medical professionals to share ideas, experiences, and perhaps most importantly, avenues for future collaboration to advance and improve care for our patients.

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