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doi: 10.1097/SS.0b013e3181945ce3

Boonsompopphan, B., T. Vearasilp, R. S. Yost, and T. Attanandana. 2008. Field identification of soil series: Indexing and retrieving soil information while sharing experience and knowledge. Soil Sci. 173:736-744.

The reference, Yost, R. S., S. Itoga, Z. - C. Li, C. Colfer, A. Le Istiqlal, P. Kilham, and J. Hansen. 1988. Expert systems for soil and crop management information transfer in developing countries. In Expert Systems in Developing Countries. C. K. Man (ed.). Harvard Institute for International Development, had the wrong copyright year.

The correct copyright year is 1990. The journal apologizes for this mistake.

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