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doi: 10.1097/SS.0b013e31819439de

Chien SH, Gearhart MM, and Collamer DJ. The Effect of Different Ammonical Nitrogen Sources on Soil Acidification. Soil Sci. 2008; 173: 544-551.

The title of this article is incorrect. The correct title is, "The Effect of Different Ammoniacal Sources on Soil Acidification.

Also, equation 4 on page 547 is incorrect. The correct equation 4 is as shown:

RLR = [(VAS - Vcheck)/ (VAN or urea - Vcheck)]

Also, on page 649 tables 5 and 6 had "RLR, %" as the main heading under the title. The correct heading is "RLR†".

Boonsompopphan B, Vearasilp T, Yost RS, and Attanandana T. Field Identification of Soil Series: Indexing and Retrieving Soil Information While Sharing Experience and Knowledge. Soil Sci. 2008; 173:736-744.

The reference Yost, R.S., Stephen Itoga, Zhi-Cheng Li, Carol Colfer, Le Istiqlal amien, Phoebe Kilham, and James Hansen. 1988. Expert systems for soil and crop management information transfer in developing countries. In: C. K. Man (ed.). Expert Systems in Developing Countries, Harvard Institute for International Development" had the wrong copyright year.

The correct copyright year is 1990. The journal apologizes for this mistake.

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