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Steadfast progress amidst uncertainties

Ang, Tiing Leong FRCPEd, FAMS1; Choolani, Mahesh PhD, FRCOG1; Poh, Kian Keong FRCPEd, FACC2,

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Singapore Medical Journal 64(1):p 1, January 2023. | DOI: 10.4103/SINGAPOREMEDJ.SMJ-2022-224
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We enter the New Year with both anticipation and trepidation. We have finally turned the page on the COVID-19 pandemic and started to enter the post COVID-19 era. However, multiple challenges still exist globally, such as the impact of climate change and the impasse in finding solutions to it, war, inflation and social inequalities. In the past one year, in order to better adapt to changing circumstances, the Singapore Medical Journal (SMJ) has also undergone structural changes, such as the engagement of a publishing house and moving to being an online-only publication.[1] Despite these changes and the challenging climate, we remain steadfast in our mission to advance medical practice and clinical research by publishing high-quality articles that enhance the clinical knowledge of medical professionals in Singapore and worldwide.

The January 2023 issue of SMJ focuses on genetics and genomics and their impact on clinical practice and health.[2,3] Although the subject matter of genetics and genomics may appear somewhat subspecialised, they are pertinent to the current landscape of medical practice, in terms of facilitating understanding of disease pathogenesis as well as its clinical application in both diagnostics and therapeutics. Genetics and genomics are now part of mainstream medicine, and even patients are increasingly aware of the advances in this field, as major breakthroughs are being highlighted in the mass media. Thus, it is crucial that all healthcare practitioners develop an awareness of the new key concepts in genetics and genomics, its promise in improving healthcare delivery, and its potential pitfalls in clinical translation.

SMJ will continue to juxtapose publication of articles focusing on niche topics that are of potential with articles of a wider scope that are of direct relevance to the generalist. With the advances in science and technology, it is inevitable that some subspecialist knowledge will become increasingly important to the larger medical community and impact all healthcare practitioners. This aligns with our mission of advancing the practice of medicine. We also recognise that our readers do enjoy a friendly challenge after reading our articles, and so we will continue with our signature Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme such as the Practice Integration & Lifelong Learning (PILL) series, which focuses on the primary care setting, and the Problem Solving for Acute and Critical Care (PACC) series, which focuses on the acute care setting. We also plan to publish CME articles that help medical practitioners in the area of medical ethics and professionalism.

The continued success and clinical relevance of SMJ is testimony to the efforts of our Editorial Board and staff. We will continue to forge ahead to further improve the quality of our contents and we look forward to your continued support. We wish everyone a good year ahead.


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