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Saudi Anaesthetic Association has been established in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Scientific Council of the Universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This was approved by His Excellency President of the University dated 22-02-1409 H (13-09-1998). Since the beginning Prof Seraj, as a Caretaker of the Association, conducted a survey by sending questionnaire to every department of anaesthesia in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, requesting each Anaesthetist to answer the questionnaire and complete the preliminary application form. Around 400 Anaesthetists and 150 technicians responded. Analysis of the data was highlighted during the birth of the Association which was announced in the symposium on “ Advanced in Anaesthesia & Analgesia” held in Rabia Al - Thani 1410 H (November 1989). The objectives of the Association are as follows :

  • To establish a well organized body to provide facilities in clinical, research, and educational activities.
  • To regulate the annual symposia/clinical meetings and postgraduate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • To produce an anaesthesia journal and newsletter regularly.
  • To establish standards of care and code of conduct for the speciality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • To conduct in Saudi Arabia due to anaesthesia.
  • To encourage the research and establish procedure for annual prizes and awards for the best article and research.
  • To seek membership of the international, European and the Arabian Federations of the anaesthetic societies, to participate in their activities and benefit from their facilities available for the anaesthetists and technicians.
  • To study the feasibility of having malpractice protection cover for all Anaesthetists in the Kingdom (Al-Takaful Al-Ejtemaie) similar to Medical Defence Union or Medical Protection Society in United Kingdom.
  • To establish excellent library facilities for the members of the association.

The fee for the active membership for Anaesthetist is SR 200/year, anaesthetic technician is SR 50/year, and SR 600/ year for institutional member.
The association would like to inform all colleagues and hospitals to join the Association by paying their dues as well as preparing their manuscripts to be published in the journal well in advance.

Chairman, Saudi Anaesthetic Associaton
College of Medicine
King Saud University
King Khalid University Hospital
P.O. Box 7805, 41
Riyadh 11472
Saudi Arabia
Fax No. 467 9364

The Saudi Anaesthetic Association hereafter called the “ Association” shall be based in the King Saud University in the City of Riyadh and shall have branches in other universities, region or equivalent institutions.


  1. To promote continuous education of its members through lectures, symposia, clinical meetings and its journal.
  2. To encourage progress in the speciality through development
  3. Promote cooperation and exchange of ideas between different institutions and disciplines in the Kingdom and abroad.
  4. To promote research for the benefit of the community and improve the level of performance, standard of care, patient`s safety and finally the code of conduct of consultant services.


The Association shall pursue and will achieve its objectives mentioned in (2) through the following activities.

  1. Promotion of scientific research and exchange of ideas in its fields and related topics, and publish, distribute and exchange such results with relevant associations.
  2. Holding regular conferences, symposia and seminars in the different branches of the speciality throughout the Kingdom.
  3. Publication of the SAUDI JOURNAL OF ANAETHESIA
  4. Organize scientific expeditions and to award prizes for meritorious work in open competition.

The Association shall have three categories of membership.

A) Active Membership
To be given to who satisfy the conditions of membership mentioned in (5), and whoever holds university degree in three area of specialization of the association. An active member should be resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and must pay the regular fees.
B) Associate Membership
Associate membership shall be offered to qualified persons who should like to join but do not reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Associate members will be non-voting members.
C) Honorary Membership
Shall be offered to persons who have contributed financially or otherwise towards the development of the association within and outside the Kingdom. An honorary member shall be chosen by the general assembly of the association on the recommendation of the Board of directors. An honorary member is exempted from payment of registration and subcription fees. An honorary member may attend the general assembly sessions, and other committee meetings and take part in the discussions, but will not be eligible to vote, on decisions or in elections.


A member of the association should fulfill the following conditions :
a. Must be a person of good moral character, of no criminal records.
b. Must pay all dues of the association.
c. Must submit an application to join the association.
d. May be recommended by two active members of the association.
e. Application for active membership should be submitted to the board of directors. Membership is granted only after the approval of the board of directors.


The Association membership will be expired upon fulfilling any of the following criteria:
A. Request of withdrawal of a member or on his death.
B. When a member loses any one condition of the membership.
C. When a member fails to pay the annual subscription fee and fail to do so for a whole year. Under such circumstances the member will be issued at least two written reminders and finally a warning about termination of membership for failure to comply within the last three months of the year concerned.
D. In case of a member carrying out any activity which entails material or financial harm to the association, the board of directors shall investigate the matter and the member will lose his membership rights only when proven responsible for the harm done.
A member shall be informed of the decision of the board of directors to terminate his membership within two weeks of the decision begin taken. The member concerned will not be entitled to a refund of registration or subscription fees, contribution or gifts.


Membership may be restored to a former member in accordance with the conditions mentioned in article 6 (C) based on decision of the board of directors after payment of overdue fees or subscription for a period of three years, whichever is less.


  1. To issue bylaws and regulations for the organization of work in the association;
  2. To approve the annual budget of the association and the final financial statements every years;
  3. To approve the annual report of the association activities prepared by the board of directors;
  4. To elect the chairman and members of the board of directors;
  5. To approve the annual plan presented by the board of directors;
  6. To discuss the items on the agenda, and other maters that need to be studied by the members, within the sphere of the association activities and to take necessary actions; and
  7. To choose an honorary chairman to the association upon the suggestion of the board of directors.


The Association`s financial resources include :

  1. Registration and annual subscription of the members.
  2. Proceeds from the sale of the association's publications and print-outs.
  3. Dues from workshops or training programmes held by the association, and other institutions, and other institutions established to serve the purpose of the association.
  4. Gifts, grants, voluntary contributions, and other financial support given to the association by the government or the public or private institutions or individuals and which are accepted by the board of directors.
  5. The annual support fixed by the supervisory organ on scientific association at the universities.

The board of directors shall nominate from its members a treasurer who will keep the associations accounts and prepare the budget. The budget will be reviewed by the board of directors and ultimately be submitted to the general assembly for approval.
The financial year of the association shall begin on the first of Rajab and end on the last day of Jumada Al Thani of the year after.
Rules governing the finances of public organizations in the kingdon will apply to the financial activities of the association.
An auditor shall be appointed to audit the association accounts at the end of each financial year. The Auditor's report shall be submitted to the board of directors and the general assembly of the association.
The board of directors may review and amend the responsibilities of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Treasurer, and the Secretary when the need arises.
Deputy Chairman, the Treasurer, and the Secretary when the need arises.


Chairman :
Dr. AbdulHamid Samarkandi

Deputy Chairman :
Dr. Adnan Al-Mazroaa

Dr. Ahmed Turkistani

Prof. M. Abdullah Seraj
Dr. Abdullah Kaki
Dr. Waleed AlYafi
Dr. Khalid Al Amoudi
Dr. AbdulMohsin AlGhamdi
Dr. Hossam Al-Oufi



  1. First Annual Scientific Meeting on Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia, and Resuscitation of Neonates Riyadh - March 1992
  2. Second Annual Scientific Meeting on Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and Standards of Safety Jeddah - November 1993
  3. Third Scientific Meeting on Paediatric Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Al-Khobar - Novemeber 1995
  4. Fourth Annual Scientific Meeting on New Trends in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Riyadh - March 1997.
  5. Fifth Scientific Meeting, Trauma, Emergency Anaesthesia and Critical Care Jeddah March 1999.
  6. Sixth Symposium of the Saudi Anaesthetic Associaton in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Dhahran – September 2002.
  7. Seventh Scientific Meeting for Saudi Anaesthetic Association Jeddah – October 2004.
  8. Eighth Scientific Meeting November 2006, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  9. Ninth Scientific Meeting Eastern Region, January 2009, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.