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Technical Reports

Creation of a Novel Child Simulator and Curriculum to Optimize Administration of Seizure Rescue Medication

Stredny, Coral M.; Sheehan, Theodore; Clark, Justice; More

Empirical Investigations: Observational Studies

Stress Testing the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory: A Novel Use of In Situ Simulation to Identify and Mitigate Latent Safety Threats During Acute Airway Management

Jafri, Farrukh Nadeem; Santana Felipes, Rachel C.; Bliagos, Dimitrios; More

Technical Reports

Development and Validation of a Mixed-Reality Simulator for Reducing Biopsy Core Deviation During Simulated Freehand Systematic Prostate Biopsy

Lampotang, Samsun; Lizdas, David E.; Johnson, William T.; More

Technical Reports

Construction and Evaluation of a Realistic Low-Cost Model for Training in Chest-Tube Insertion

López-Baamonde, Manuel; Perdomo, Juan Manuel; Ibáñez, Cristina; More

Empirical Investigations: Observational Studies

Crisis Scenarios for Simulation-Based Nontechnical Skills Training for Cardiac Surgery Teams: A National Survey Among Cardiac Anesthesiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Clinical Perfusionists, and Cardiac Operating Room Nurses

Kemper, Tom; van Haperen, Maartje; Eberl, Susanne; More

Empirical Investigations

Interprofessional Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Simulations Aimed at Decreasing Actual Cannulation Times: A Longitudinal Study

Yurasek, Gregory K.; Fortkiewicz, Justine; Duelley, Christina; More

Empirical Investigations: Randomized Controlled Trials

The Effect of a Plastic Barrier Drape on Resuscitation Performance and Provider Contamination: A Randomized Controlled Simulation-Based Pilot Trial

Young, L. Caulette; Lau, Jennifer; Buan, Joshua; More

Empirical Investigations: Observational Studies

Medical students' Learning Process During Simulated Patient Consultations in Psychiatry: A Grounded Theory Study

Piot, Marie-Aude; Pham-Scottez, Alexandra; Bazziconi, Pierre-François; More