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A New Name

Raemer, Dan Ph.D.

Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare: July 2006 - Volume 1 - Issue 2 - p 63
doi: 10.1097/01.SIH.0000244449.97799.dc

President, Society for Simulation in Healthcare

The author has indicated he has no conflict of interest to disclose.

The Society for Medical Simulation is changing its name to the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. A name is an important entity—it defines one's identity, implies one's vision, and imprints an impression on all those who see and use it. But, changing a name is difficult as it can be confusing to those who have become familiar with the original name, and the change could be costly. Considering all the factors, the Board of Directors is pleased to have reached a landmark decision to change the name of the society at this relatively early stage of its existence. Aligning the name of the society with that already chosen for the journal establishes the identity of the society as a scientifically oriented organization. The new name is welcoming to all specialties, degree holders, and all forms of simulation; embodying an important part of the vision for this society. Additionally, Society for Simulation in Healthcare creates an impression, we believe, of leadership, breadth, and purpose that will serve us well into the future.

There are a number of changes that will be apparent this year. Beginning with 2007, the annual meeting will be known as the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare. You will begin to see our new logo as quickly as we can make the necessary changes on all sorts of material—the website, the cover of the journal, and other locations. Our new website address,, is already active (although the old one will continue to work). Fortunately, we are minimalists in the use of paper, so changing our “letterhead” and other materials will not present much of a problem.

I, like others, are proud of the work already done under the aegis of the original name. But I like the new one much better! I especially like the message that it sends and hope that it will be part of a strong foundation that we are building for the development and use of simulation in healthcare.

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