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A Letter from the President of the Society for Medical Simulation

Raemer, Dan PhD

Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare: January 2006 - Volume 1 - Issue Inaugural - p 3

President, Society for Medical Simulation

Two of the major challenges that confront us are the accelerating need for education of practitioners and students and the imperative to maintain and improve patient safety in a rapidly changing healthcare milieu. As highly technical diagnostic and treatment modalities advance, new chemo- and biopharmacological methodologies abound, and medical knowledge rapidly multiplies, we are daunted by the responsibility of educating a vast number of professionals in an expansive range of fields. Clearly, this educational mission will not be achieved with traditional approaches alone. The educationalists tell us that adult learners absorb and retain more knowledge and are able to apply their understanding to new problems if their learning is experiential and immersive. Simulation in its many forms and faces offers incredible promise for advancement of education technique in medicine, surgery, nursing, allied health, and other domains in healthcare.

Patient safety depends on the performance of an enormous number of highly skilled individuals, teams, and healthcare systems. The compelling need to develop, assess, remediate, practice, hone, model, and better understand skill, expertise, interaction, and human behavior confronts us. Again, the promise of simulation as a technique to investigate the intricacies of this panoply of challenges encourages serious effort in this direction.

It is on these twin peaks we begin our climb to advance the science and application of simulation in healthcare. Led by Dr. David Gaba, a pioneer and sage in both the technology and the technique of simulation, we begin our journey two steps ahead. A prestigious editorial board representing a diversity of specialties within and around healthcare is committed to ensuring highest quality of scientific content. Our publisher, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, has a strong record of producing illustrious medical journals and a long history of nurturing the growth of new publications from the first steps to the summit of their fields. Indeed, we are in good hands as we undertake this endeavor to bring forth an important contribution towards improving—perhaps revolutionizing—healthcare education and patient safety.

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