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Early Positive Fluid Balance is Associated with Mortality In Patients Treated with Veno-Arterial Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation For Cardiogenic Shock: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Besnier, Emmanuel; Boubèche, Samia; Clavier, Thomas; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: May 20, 2019

Admission Leukocyte Count is Associated with Late Cardiogenic Shock Development and All-Cause 30-Day Mortality in Patients with St-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Klein, Anika; Wiberg, Sebastian; Hassager, Christian; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: May 01, 2019

The Prognostic Value of Prehospital Blood Lactate Levels to Predict Early Mortality in Acute Cardiovascular Disease

Martín-Rodríguez, Francisco; López-Izquierdo, Raúl; Villamor, Miguel A. Castro; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: April 14, 2019

Heparin-Binding Protein As A Prognostic Biomarker of Sepsis and Disease Severity at The Emergency Department

Kahn, Fredrik; Tverring, Jonas; Mellhammar, Lisa; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: February 19, 2019

The Effect of Nutrition on Early Stress-Induced Hyperglycemia, Serum Insulin Levels, and Exogenous Insulin Administration in Critically Ill Patients with Septic Shock: A Prospective Observational Study

Treskes, Nikki; Koekkoek, Wilhelmina Aria Christina; van Zanten, Arthur Raymond Hubert

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: November 06, 2018

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Club Cell Protein, CC10, Attenuates Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Induced by Smoke Inhalation

Lopez, Ernesto; Fujiwara, Osamu; Nelson, Christina; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: April 29, 2019

Monophosphoryl Lipid A Attenuates Multiorgan Dysfunction During Post-Burn Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pneumonia In Sheep

Fukuda, Satoshi; Ihara, Koji; Bohannon, Julia K.; More

Shock. ., Post Author Corrections: April 26, 2019

Administration of Candida Albicans to Dextran Sulfate Solution Treated Mice Causes Intestinal Dysbiosis, Emergence and Dissemination of Intestinal Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Lethal Sepsis

Hiengrach, Pratsanee; Panpetch, Wimonrat; Worasilchai, Navaporn; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: February 28, 2019

CCR5-Positive Inflammatory Monocytes are Crucial for Control of Sepsis

Castanheira, Fernanda Vargas e Silva; de Lima, Kalil Alves; Cebinelli, Guilherme Cesar Martelossi; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: December 07, 2018

Advanced Age Impairs Intestinal Antimicrobial Peptide Response and Worsens Fecal Microbiome Dysbiosis Following Burn Injury in Mice

Wheatley, Elizabeth G.; Curtis, Brenda J.; Hulsebus, Holly J.; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: January 18, 2019

Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF)-1α Promotes Inflammation and Injury Following Aspiration-Induced Lung Injury in Mice

Suresh, Madathilparambil V.; Balijepalli, Sanjay; Zhang, Boya; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: December 24, 2018

The Role of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor in Remote Ischemic Conditioning Induced Hepatoprotection in A Rodent Model of Liver Transplantation

Emontzpohl, Christoph; Stoppe, Christian; Theißen, Alexander; More

Shock. ., Post Author Corrections: December 21, 2018

Modulation of Peroxynitrite Reduces Norepinephrine Requirements in Ovine MRSA Septic Shock

Fukuda, Satoshi; Ihara, Koji; Andersen, Clark R.; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: November 28, 2018

Single Low Dose of Human Recombinant Antithrombin (Atryn®) Has no Impact on Endotoxin-induced Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation: An Experimental Randomized Open Label Controlled Study

Duburcq, Thibault; Durand, Arthur; Tournoys, Antoine; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: October 15, 2018

Effect of Long-Term Polytrauma on Ventilator-Induced Diaphragmatic Dysfunction in a Piglet Model

Breuer, Thomas; Bruells, Christian S; Horst, Klemens; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: October 08, 2018

Hippocampal Damage During Mechanical Ventilation in Trendelenburg Position: A Secondary Analysis of an Experimental Study on the Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

López-Aguilar, Josefina; Bassi, Gianluigi Li; Quilez, María Elisa; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: July 25, 2018

Consequences of the Lack of IL-10 in Different Endotoxin Effects and its Relationship with Glucocorticoids

Córdoba-Moreno, Marlina O.; Todero, María Florencia; Fontanals, Adriana; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: July 23, 2018

The Mitochondria-Targeted H2S-donor AP39 in a Murine Model of Combined Hemorrhagic Shock and Blunt Chest Trauma

Wepler, Martin; Merz, Tamara; Wachter, Ulrich; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: June 20, 2018

PDF Only

Microvascular and Systemic Impact of Resuscitation with Pegylated Carboxyhemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier or Hetastarch In A Rat Model of transient hemorrhagic Shock

Nugent, William H.; Sheppard, Forest R.; Dubick, Michael A.; More

Shock. ., Post Acceptance: April 29, 2019