December 2020 - Volume 54 - Issue 6 : Shock

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December 2020 - Volume 54 - Issue 6
pp: 703-843

Temporal Dysregulation of the Angiopoietin-2/-1 Ratio After Trauma and Associations With Injury Characteristics and Outcomes

Uhlich, Rindi M.; Richter, Robert P.; Hu, Parker J.; More

SHOCK. 54(6):703-709, December 2020.

Prehospital Point of Care Testing for the Early Detection of Shock and Prediction of Lifesaving Interventions

Galvagno, Samuel M. Jr.; Sikorski, Robert A.; Floccare, Douglas J.; More

SHOCK. 54(6):710-716, December 2020.

Aminoglycosides in Immunocompromised Critically Ill Patients With Bacterial Pneumonia and Septic Shock: A Post-Hoc Analysis of a Prospective Multicenter Multinational Cohort

Lopez, René; Rello, Jordi; Taccone, Fabio Silvio; More

SHOCK. 54(6):731-737, December 2020.

Effects of the Non-Neutralizing Humanized Monoclonal Anti-Adrenomedullin Antibody Adrecizumab on Hemodynamic and Renal Injury in a Porcine Two-Hit Model

Thiele, Christoph; Simon, Tim-Philipp; Szymanski, Jeanine; More

SHOCK. 54(6):810-818, December 2020.

Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes Attenuate LPS-Induced ARDS by Modulating Macrophage Polarization Through Inhibiting Glycolysis in Macrophages

Deng, Huimin; Wu, Lingmin; Liu, Meiyun; More

SHOCK. 54(6):828-843, December 2020.