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April 2019 - Volume 51 - Issue 4
pp: 407-534

Distinct Dynamics of Stem and Progenitor Cells in Blood of Polytraumatized Patients

Vogel, Mona; Christow, Hannes; Manz, Isabel; More

SHOCK. 51(4):430-438, April 2019.

A Rise in Neutrophil Cell Size Precedes Organ Dysfunction After Trauma

Hesselink, Lillian; Heeres, Marjolein; Paraschiakos, Fotis; More

SHOCK. 51(4):439-446, April 2019.

Chronic Alcohol Ingestion Worsens Survival and Alters Gut Epithelial Apoptosis and CD8+ T Cell Function After Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pneumonia-Induced Sepsis

Klingensmith, Nathan J.; Fay, Katherine T.; Lyons, John D.; More

SHOCK. 51(4):453-463, April 2019.

The Effects of Genetic 3-Mercaptopyruvate Sulfurtransferase Deficiency in Murine Traumatic-Hemorrhagic Shock

Gröger, Michael; Wepler, Martin; Wachter, Ulrich; More

SHOCK. 51(4):472-478, April 2019.

Monitoring of Conjunctival Microcirculation Reflects Sublingual Microcirculation in Ovine Septic and Hemorrhagic Shock

Hessler, Michael; Arnemann, Philip-Helge; Zamit, Frédéric; More

SHOCK. 51(4):479-486, April 2019.

Hypertonic Saline Solution Reduces Microcirculatory Dysfunction and Inflammation in a Rat Model of Brain Death

Correia, Cristiano de Jesus; Armstrong, Roberto Jr; Carvalho, Priscila Oliveira de; More

SHOCK. 51(4):495-501, April 2019.