December 2018 - Volume 50 - Issue 6 : Shock

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December 2018 - Volume 50 - Issue 6
pp: 613-749

Hydrogen-Rich Saline Regulates Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction, Dysbiosis, and Bacterial Translocation in a Murine Model of Sepsis

Ikeda, Mitsunori; Shimizu, Kentaro; Ogura, Hiroshi; More

SHOCK. 50(6):640-647, December 2018.

Effects of the Humanized Anti-Adrenomedullin Antibody Adrecizumab (HAM8101) on Vascular Barrier Function and Survival in Rodent Models of Systemic Inflammation and Sepsis

Geven, Christopher; Peters, Esther; Schroedter, Mathias; More

SHOCK. 50(6):648-654, December 2018.

Thrombin Provokes Degranulation of Platelet α-Granules Leading to the Release of Active Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)

Huebner, Benjamin R.; Moore, Ernest E.; Moore, Hunter B.; More

SHOCK. 50(6):671-676, December 2018.