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December 2015 - Volume 44 - Issue 6
pp: 503-617

Effects of the 34C>T Variant of the AMPD1 Gene on Immune Function, Multi-Organ Dysfunction, and Mortality in Sepsis Patients

Ramakers, Bart P.; Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Evangelos J.; Tasioudis, Chronis; More

Shock. 44(6):542-547, December 2015.

Predictors of the Onset of Hemodynamic Decompensation During Progressive Central Hypovolemia: Comparison of the Peripheral Perfusion Index, Pulse Pressure Variability, and Compensatory Reserve Index

Janak, Jud C.; Howard, Jeffrey T.; Goei, Kathleen A.; More

Shock. 44(6):548-553, December 2015.

Metabolomic Analyses of Brain Tissue in Sepsis Induced by Cecal Ligation Reveal Specific Redox Alterations—Protective Effects of the Oxygen Radical Scavenger Edaravone

Hara, Naomi; Chijiiwa, Miyuki; Yara, Miki; More

Shock. 44(6):578-584, December 2015.

Lipopolysaccharide Disrupts Mitochondrial Physiology in Skeletal Muscle via Disparate Effects on Sphingolipid Metabolism

Hansen, Melissa E.; Simmons, Kurtis J.; Tippetts, Trevor S.; More

Shock. 44(6):585-592, December 2015.

Moderate Peep After Tracheal Lipopolysaccharide Instillation Prevents Inflammation and Modifies the Pattern of Brain Neuronal Activation

Quilez, María Elisa; Rodríguez-González, Raquel; Turon, Marc; More

Shock. 44(6):601-608, December 2015.