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September 2011 - Volume 36 - Issue 3
pp: 205-321

TNF-α-Decreased Thrombomodulin Expression in Monocytes is Inhibited by Propofol Through Regulation of Tristetraprolin and Human Antigen R Activities

Lin, Feng-Yen; Tsai, Yi-Ting; Lee, Chung-Yi; More

Shock. 36(3):279-288, September 2011.

The Hydroxylase Inhibitor Dimethyloxallyl Glycine Attenuates Endotoxic Shock Via Alternative Activation of Macrophages and IL-10 Production by B1 Cells

Hams, Emily; Saunders, Sean P.; Cummins, Eoin P.; More

Shock. 36(3):295-302, September 2011.


Hagiwara, Satoshi; Iwasaka, Hideo; Noguchi, Takayuki

Shock. 36(3):317-318, September 2011.