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Fluid Overload in Patients With Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Treated With Early Goal-Directed Therapy Is Associated With Increased Acute Need for Fluid-Related Medical Interventions and Hospital Death

Kelm, Diana J.; Perrin, Jared T.; Cartin-Ceba, Rodrigo; More

Shock. 43(1):68-73, January 2015.

Predictors of the Onset of Hemodynamic Decompensation During Progressive Central Hypovolemia: Comparison of the Peripheral Perfusion Index, Pulse Pressure Variability, and Compensatory Reserve Index

Janak, Jud C.; Howard, Jeffrey T.; Goei, Kathleen A.; More

Shock: Injury, Inflammation, and Sepsis: Laboratory and Clinical Approaches. 44(6):548-553, December 2015.

An Increase in Initial Shock Index Is Associated With the Requirement for Massive Transfusion in Emergency Department Patients With Primary Postpartum Hemorrhage

Sohn, Chang Hwan; Kim, Won Young; Kim, So Ra; More

Shock. 40(2):101-105, August 2013.

Abdominal Compartment Syndrome: The Cause or Effect of Postinjury Multiple Organ Failure

Balogh, Zsolt; McKinley, Bruce A.; Cox,, Charles S. Jr.; More

Shock. 20(6):483-492, December 2003.

Minimum Quality Threshold in Pre-Clinical Sepsis Studies (MQTiPSS): An International Expert Consensus Initiative for Improvement of Animal Modeling in Sepsis

Osuchowski, Marcin F.; Ayala, Alfred; Bahrami, Soheyl; More

Shock. 50(4):377-380, October 2018.


Arnold, Ryan C.; Shapiro, Nathan I.; Jones, Alan E.; More

Shock. 32(1):35-39, July 2009.

Cardiac Troponin Release is Associated with Biomarkers of Inflammation and Ventricular Dilatation During Critical Illness

Ostermann, Marlies; Ayis, Salma; Tuddenham, Emma; More

SHOCK. 47(6):702-708, June 2017.

Recombinant Human-Soluble Thrombomodulin Contributes to Reduced Mortality in Sepsis Patients With Severe Respiratory Failure: A Retrospective Observational Study Using a Multicenter Dataset

Yoshihiro, Shodai; Sakuraya, Masaaki; Hayakawa, Mineji; More

Shock. 51(2):174-179, February 2019.

Automated Analysis of Vital Signs to Identify Patients With Substantial Bleeding Before Hospital Arrival: A Feasibility Study

Liu, Jianbo; Khitrov, Maxim Y.; Gates, Jonathan D.; More

Shock. 43(5):429-436, May 2015.

Risk Factors for Acute Mesenteric Ischemia in Critically Ill Burns Patients—A Matched Case–Control Study

Soussi, Sabri; Taccori, Marina; De Tymowski, Christian; More

Shock. 51(2):153-160, February 2019.

Distinct Dynamics of Stem and Progenitor Cells in Blood of Polytraumatized Patients

Vogel, Mona; Christow, Hannes; Manz, Isabel; More

Shock. 51(4):430-438, April 2019.

Evidence for Persistent Immune Suppression in Patients Who Develop Chronic Critical Illness After Sepsis

Stortz, Julie A.; Murphy, Tyler J.; Raymond, Steven L.; More

SHOCK. 49(3):249-258, March 2018.

Compensatory Reserve Index: Performance of A Novel Monitoring Technology to Identify the Bleeding Trauma Patient

Johnson, Michael C.; Alarhayem, Abdul; Convertino, Victor; More

SHOCK. 49(3):295-300, March 2018.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Hemorrhagic Shock: Evaluation of Different Resuscitation Strategies in a Large Animal Model of Combined Insults

Jin, Guang; deMoya, Marc A.; Duggan, Michael; More

Shock. 38(1):49-56, July 2012.

Emergency Whole-Blood Use in the Field: A Simplified Protocol for Collection and Transfusion

Strandenes, Geir; De Pasquale, Marc; Cap, Andrew P.; More

Shock. 41:76-83, May 2014.