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Endovascular Perfusion Augmentation for Critical Care: Partial Aortic Occlusion for Treatment of Severe Ischemia–Reperfusion Shock

Johnson, M. Austin; Tibbits, Emily M.; Hoareau, Guillaume L.; More

Shock. 51(5):659-666, May 2019.

Chronic Alcohol Ingestion Worsens Survival and Alters Gut Epithelial Apoptosis and CD8+ T Cell Function After Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pneumonia-Induced Sepsis

Klingensmith, Nathan J.; Fay, Katherine T.; Lyons, John D.; More

Shock. 51(4):453-463, April 2019.

Part III: Minimum Quality Threshold in Preclinical Sepsis Studies (MQTiPSS) for Fluid Resuscitation and Antimicrobial Therapy Endpoints

Hellman, Judith; Bahrami, Soheyl; Boros, Mihaly; More

Shock. 51(1):33-43, January 2019.

Hydrogen-Rich Saline Regulates Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction, Dysbiosis, and Bacterial Translocation in a Murine Model of Sepsis

Ikeda, Mitsunori; Shimizu, Kentaro; Ogura, Hiroshi; More

Shock. 50(6):640-647, December 2018.

Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Function is Determined by Burn Severity, Sex, and Sepsis, and is Associated With Glucose Metabolism and Functional Capacity in Burned Children

Rontoyanni, Victoria G.; Malagaris, Ioannis; Herndon, David N.; More

Shock. 50(2):141-148, August 2018.

Metabolomics and Precision Medicine in Trauma: The State of the Field

Jayaraman, Sudha P.; Anand, Rahul J.; DeAntonio, Jonathan H.; More

Shock. 50(1):5-13, July 2018.

Vasopressors Do Not Influence Cerebral Critical Closing Pressure During Systemic Inflammation Evoked by Experimental Endotoxemia and Sepsis in Humans

van den Brule, Judith Maria Dimphena; Stolk, Roeland; Vinke, Elisabeth Janine; More

SHOCK. 49(5):529-535, May 2018.