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Damjanov, Ivan MD PhD

Editor(s): Dries, David J Book Review Editor

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Editors: Vinay Kumar, MBBS, MD, FRCPath; Abul K. Abbas, MBBS; Nelson Fausto, MD

Bibliographic Data: Elsevier, 2005. Imprint: W.B. Saunders Company. ISBN: 0-7216-0187-1, 1525 pp, hard cover, $99.00.

Reviewer's Expert Opinion:

Description: This 7th edition of the well-known textbook of pathology for medical students has been extensively revised and updated. Purpose: This book was designed to provide students of medicine with a comprehensive textbook. Most students will buy it at the beginning of their sophomore year but will keep it on their shelves as a reference to which they will return later during their clinical studies. Most students will keep it as their primary source of pathology data for the rest of their professional life. The authors have masterfully met their objectives and have produced a modern textbook of pathology. Audience: Although prepared primarily for medical students, this book will be used by residents in pathology as well. It is a must for all teachers of pathology and basic medical sciences and also should be on the library shelves reserved for the key textbooks. This edition has three editors, two of whom are new, replacing the founding editor, Dr. Robbins, and the previous lead editor, Dr. Cotran. All three editors have impeccable credentials as educators, scientists, and medical writers/editors. Features: The book covers all major aspects of general and systemic pathology. The emphasis is on pathophysiology and clinical-pathologic correlations, but the morphologic aspects of pathology are also illustrated in more than sufficient detail with excellent color illustrations and conceptual drawings. The new editors have recruited several new contributors; thus the textbook that began in late 1950s as a single-author work has become truly multiauthored. However, since it was skillfully and meticulously edited, it reads as if it were still a single-authored text. I have not noticed any significant deficiencies. However, I do not think that most medical students will be able to read it cover to cover. I suspect that many of them will resort to the shorter version of the book, or read only the most important parts of each chapter. Assessment: This is a brilliantly edited new edition of the best selling textbook of pathology. Essentially all the chapters have been updated and many were redesigned or significantly restructured. Advances in pathology, including the new discoveries made in the field of molecular pathology, are featured in almost all chapters. All illustrations are in color, and many of them are new. Combined with the numerous multicolored drawings, these figures complement the text and increase its didactic value. The references are up-to-date and well chosen. The layout and the graphic design are attractive. In its updated form, this book remains the leading U.S. pathology textbook. I predict that it will remain popular with students and professors alike.

Reviewer: Ivan Damjanov, MD PhD

University of Kansas Medical Center

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