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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 15th Edition

Frey, Donald MD, Reviewer

Section Editor(s): Dries, David J. Book Review Editor

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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 15th Edition

Editors: Eugene Braunwald, MD; Anthony S. Fauci, MD; Dennis L. Kasper, MD; Stephen L. Hauser, MD; Dan L. Longo, MD; J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD Bibliographic Data: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2001. ISBN: 0-07-007272-8, NLM: WB 115, 2800 pp, hard cover, $125.00.

Reviewer's Expert Opinion:


This is the latest edition of what has become arguably the leading textbook of medicine in the United States. The book's longstanding, comprehensive coverage of the vast amount of internal medicine information continues in this edition's 2,700-plus pages.


The authors seek to provide a comprehensive, detailed overview of internal medicine, structured in a fashion that provides for ready retrieval of the latest in vital information. Once again, Harrison's sets the standard as a complete and thorough reference for the thoughtful practitioner.


The book has as close to a universal audience as any text in medicine. Learners and practitioners at every level and in virtually every specialty will find it useful. Once again, the editors have assembled an impressive array of individual chapter authors for the work.


Following a newly updated—and very helpful—introduction to clinical medicine section, the book follows its now classic subspecialty approach in presenting a wealth of internal medicine information. Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment are discussed in complete detail, with charts, tables, and illustrations used judiciously to draw together and correlate many of the more wide-ranging topics. Biographies of previous Nobel Prize winners in medicine lend a human touch to this edition.


Page-for-page and dollar-for-dollar, this book continues to be the best universal reference in the field of adult medicine. This book not only upholds the standard set by previous editions, but in many ways, exceeds it.

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