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Association of Kidney Tissue Barrier Disrupture and Renal Dysfunction in Resuscitated Murine Septic Shock


doi: 10.1097/SHK.0000000000001380

In the article appearing on pages 398–404 of the Shock October 2016 issue, the publication of the original manuscript Fig 1B was inadvertently replaced by a duplicate of Fig 1C, VEGF, as can be seen in the heading. We have now replaced that erroneous figure with the correct Fig 1B, Ang1, which is also reflective of the quantification data of the image analyses provided in table 4.

The corrected figure image appears below:

The error was not discovered until after the article had been published in the final print version. The authors apologizes for this oversight.



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1. Stenzel T, Weidgang C, Wagner K, Wagner F, Gröger M, Weber S, Stahl B, Wachter U, Vogt J, Calzia E, et al. Association of kidney tissue barrier disrupture and renal dysfunction in resuscitated murine septic shock. Shock 46:398–404, 2016.
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