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Dries, David J. MD

Author Information
doi: 10.1097/01.SHK.0000336209.36795.50
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Editors: Charles E. Smith, MD, FRCPC

Bibliographic Data: Cambridge University Press, 2008. ISBN: 978-0-521-87058-0, 606 pages, hard cover, $99.00.

Reviewer's Expert Opinion

Description: This multiauthored, comprehensive book focuses on resuscitation and anesthetic issues in the management of injury. Purpose: This is an in-depth review of fluid management, pain control, monitoring, and anesthesia techniques. Audience: Senior trainees in surgery or anesthesiology or practitioners with an interest in the management of injury are an appropriate audience for this work. Features: The book is organized into the temporal sequence of trauma care beginning with airway and shock management and continuing to surgical and anesthetic management of injuries involving surgical subspecialists. For example, surgical considerations for spinal cord injury are described followed by a review of anesthetic management principles. A similar pattern of presentation for principles of surgical management followed by anesthetic considerations is used throughout. Additional chapters provide overviews of trauma systems development, pain management, trauma demographics, and critical care strategies such as mechanical ventilation. Chapters are clearly written and include ample reference lists. Citations, coming from primary literature, date to within two years of publication. Black-and-white line drawings reproduce well, but, unfortunately, black-and-white photographs reproduce with poorer quality, although they are effectively supplemented by color plates grouped in the center of the book. Chapters include review questions with answers, but variable detail is presented with this feature. The table of contents provides a listing of chapters and authorship while a detailed subject index of approximately 15 pages includes separate citations for figures. Assessment: This is a timely and important contribution for readers interested in the management of injury. It effectively describes contemporary thinking not only of anesthesia techniques but also of the broader issues of resuscitation in critical care.

Reviewer: David J. Dries, MD (University of Minnesota Medical School)

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