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Zhang, Da MD

doi: 10.1097/01.shk.0000286280.08682.bc
Book Reviews

(University of Kansas Medical Center)


Authors: J. Charles Jennette, MD; Jean L. Olson, MD; Melvin M. Schwartz, MD; Fred G. Silva, MD

Bibliographic Data: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2007. ISBN: 978-0-7817-4750-9, NLM: WJ 300, LC: RC903.9, 1531 pages, hard cover, $359.00.

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Reviewer's Expert Opinion

Description: This is the sixth edition of the leading textbook of renal pathology bearing the name of the legendary nephropathologist, Robert H. Heptinstall, who conceived it and published it in 1966. It is completely updated, and to a great extent, rewritten from the fifth edition that appeared eight years ago. Purpose: As stated in the preface, the aim of the editors was to produce "the most comprehensive, most authoritative, most thoroughly referenced, and best illustrated book on renal pathology ever produced." This edition meets the objectives. Audience: This book is primarily aimed at renal pathologists, but it also will be used by general academic and diagnostic pathologists, pathology residents, and nephrologists. The four editors and the 36 contributors are highly respected leaders of American and European nephropathology, well known for their original contributions to the literature. All of them have well established track records in advancing the scientific and clinical aspects of kidney pathology. A more stellar team of authors could not be assembled at this moment. Features: Appearing on its 40th anniversary, this sixth edition has retained all the strengths of it previous editions. At the same time, the editors and contributors have incorporated the latest advances in the field. The book covers all major aspects of kidney pathology, and thus it is truly encyclopedic. Except for the electron microscopy pictures, all illustrations are in color. Useful tables summarize important data and the references are up to date and well chosen. The 29 chapters cover normal anatomy, histology, and developmental morphogenesis of the kidney, glomerular, tubulointerstitial, vascular, and neoplastic renal diseases. Glomerular diseases are most prominently featured and are discussed in great detail, reflecting the significance of these diseases in renal biopsies. Almost 150 pages are devoted to renal transplant pathology. Assessment: There are several very good nephropathology books on the market, but none of them even comes close to the encyclopedic approach used in the Heptinstall. This sixth edition is based upon a 40-year tradition, and it remains the preeminent and leading text in the field. It belongs to all major medical libraries and should be one of the core titles in all departmental libraries both for pathologists and internists/nephrologists.

Reviewer: Da Zhang, MD (University of Kansas Medical Center)

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