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Dries, David J. MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.shk.0000232566.44663.0a
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Bibliographic Data: Editors: Zab Mosenifar, MD; Soo Hoo, Guy W., MD, MPH.

Bibliographic Data: informa Healthcare/Taylor & Francis, 2006. ISBN: 0849366631, Series Title: Lung Biology in Health and Disease, v. 213, 417 pages, Hard Cover, $169.95.

Reviewer's Expert Opinion:

Description: This overview of procedural pulmonary and critical care medicine is Volume 213 of the Lung Biology in Health and Disease series. Purpose: Presented are immediate management strategies pertaining to cardiopulmonary critical care, with an emphasis on the use of mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring, and radiology in the critical care unit. Audience: Fellows and practitioners with an interest in cardiopulmonary critical care are an excellent audience for this work. Editors and authors represent leading institutions in the United States, particularly UCLA and affiliated West Coast institutions. Features: Respiratory critical care is presented in a traditional fashion, beginning with noninvasive management of oxygen therapy and mechanical ventilation followed by modes of ventilation, monitoring of this therapy, and separation of the patient from ventilatory support. Subsequent chapters describe procedures specific to cardiopulmonary critical care, including peripheral arterial and pulmonary artery catheterization, bronchoscopy, and tracheostomy. A concluding chapter describes common radiology procedures in cardiopulmonary critical care. The 10 chapters are well written and adequately referenced, with citations dating to within two years of publication. Tables and line drawings are used with inconsistent effect, and radiographs are of varying quality. The table of contents identifies chapters and specific content subheadings, whereas the concluding subject index of 10 pages provides adequate access to content. Assessment: This is the first of a pair of books providing a broad update for the pulmonary and critical care physician. Topic discussion is balanced, and reviews are complete. I was disappointed that there was no greater input from procedural specialists. A classic companion from the Lung Biology in Health and Disease series is Physiological Basis of Ventilatory Support, edited by Marini and Slutsky (Marcel Dekker, 1998).


David J. Dries, MD

(University of Minnesota Medical School)

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